Tuesday, November 13, 2018

**Reading Challenge Update as of 11/13/18: 118 of 120 books read for the year!**  

October was a super busy month so I don't feel like I read a lot. 

 City of Fallen Angels (****) I actually started to re-read The Mortal Instruments series back in September and realized that I hadn't gotten past the 3rd book. So in October I read City of Glass and then City of Fallen Angels. I decided to take a pause and decide if I want to continue to the next book. This one was good but I also feel like it could have ended there and been good so I am not sure I want to drag it out more. 

Crazy House (****) I happened on this book because of one of the 8th graders was reading it and I asked what it was about and voila...I read it. I liked it and was excited to see it has a 2nd book so I will probably read that soon. It is definitely a YA book. I forgot that James Patterson has a few series that are geared toward YA.

A Kiss of Shadows (****) You all know how much I love the Anita Blake series and her 26?28? books and since I read Serpentine in October too I decided to check out the Merry Gentry series. I read this one and then Caress of Twilight and decided I might not be sure i want to continue. It didn't click for me the way the anita blake series did. 

When Life Gives You Lululemons (****)  I am so behind sometimes. I know everyone read this book over the summer but that is ok. I definitely liked it. I definitely did not realize before going in that this has characters from Devil Wears Prada so I was surprised but that made it more fun because I did love that book too. 

A Recipe for Disaster (***) Ok so this was one of those books i got free from the kindle emails that I love. I didn't not like it. I am not a huge fan of the reconnecting romances just because I didn't get to see the initial falling in love period. 

The Woman in the Window (****) I really liked this book. It surprised me which is always nice, I like when I don't know who exactly is the bad guy or if I think I know something and I am wrong. I saw a lot of reviews that said they knew but maybe I just don't read enough books like this to get things right away?

There were a few more that I won't mention..mostly because they were dirty ass romance novels and you guys don't need to know that much about me!

What did you read in October? 

High Five for Friday!

Friday, November 9, 2018

This week has been Busy Busy!! Time to share some of my favorites from the week! 

- The rain has stopped 
Guys...the rain has FINALLY stopped. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal but it rained almost every single day for 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS! Its been 80s during the day and 60s in the evening...all is right in the world!! 
this is not in Austin but I dont care...it just makes me happy 

- We're going to Europe!! 
I have been obsessing watching flights on Hopper as I have mentioned before because I really really wanted to got to Europe for my spring break this year. So A and I decided we would watch a ton of a flights and wherever we got tickets to that is where were are going. LUCKILY I got an amazing deal on flights to London which pretty much means we can go wherever. Right now we are thinking either London & Paris or skipping London and doing Paris & Amsterdam. Guys...these flights were $497.00 each. I am not shitting you. It pays to start watching flights 8 months ahead and paying attention to the notifications! 

- We won...
our Halloween Decor contest in our apartment complex! Not really anything amazing but I will take the $50 off rent anytime! We didn't do any special decorating just the usual that we like to do but we entered into the contest anyway and won

- Recipes!! 
This apple pie recipe from Frankly My Dear! 
This dinner roll recipe because I love bread! 
This Cheeseburger Gnocchi from Living on a Cloud!

- Making Christmas Lists! 
I haven't put up decorations, started listening to music or anything Christmas related but I do start my shopping as early as I can.  So I have started asking for wish lists and making my own. This biggest thing I want this year is a Camera. I will likely put it on my list but I have a bad habit of buying my own gift if I find the right price so if you find a good camera deal please do share!! But in other news I am loving making lists and starting to shop! 

Happy Diwali

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

I learned about Diwali a few years ago after attending an event and I immediately thought how beautiful this celebration of light is.

If you don't know much about it you can read up here: What is Diwali?

I work at a private religious school and we took time today to celebrate...I say this so that you know that even if you are not Hindu you can celebrate the triumph of light over darkness this season!

We are entering a season with many different holidays and pressures and activities. I think we can all use a reminder that we can be a light in the darkness for the each other and for society.

Embrace your inner light and help continue to bring light into the darkness by being open to everyone and all the differences we have. 

Do good, be better, and be kind. 

Happy Diwali Everyone! 

November Goals!

Monday, November 5, 2018

For November I would like to.... 
  • Go to Yoga at least once a week  
  • Go to 4 meetups
  • Blog at least 3 days a week
  • Workout 8 times before I go to Chicago for Thanksgiving
  • Keep to my shopping ban for the month (ESPECIALLY back in Chicago)
  • Get my Xmas flight booked for the cheapest price  
  • check my planner daily (I have a horrendous habit of not doing this)

Three on Thursday!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Another Thursday post of Favorites thanks to Steph @ Not Entirely Perfect

Google Drive & Google Photos...This is a random one but I use it so much for work, for school, for my personal shit. I am always telling people to use it too. I prefer to keep all my stuff in one easy to locate place...especially if I can pull it up on my phone anywhere! My photos back up from my phone to google photos automatically and I have almost all of my photos from before off back up drives and onto there. If anything ever happens to google im probably screwed. 

After Bite...normally I prefer to keep the medicated stuff I put into or on my body to a minimum but I have become mosquito dessert here in Austin. I am not even kidding. Particularly my ankles. It has gotten so bad that I have the dark spots/scars all over my ankles now from scratching the bites. I currently have about 20 bites between both ankles right now from standing out in the street waiting for an Uber Saturday night. I am still in search of the right bug spray that doesn't stink and has natural ingredients so if you know...>PLEASE send my way. BUT this after bite stuff works. Not even kidding you. I'm obsessed and my ankles really really need it! I get immediate relief after putting it on, it isn't sticky and has an easy applicator so I don't have to touch it. 

Tmobile Tuesdays...Sometimes they are great, sometimes not so much but they are always free shit. So that right there makes it a favorite. Last week I got $.25 off per gallon of gas at Shell. Yes please. I filled up my gas tank for $23!! Sometimes they have free tickets for movies, lyft credits, free Vudu credit,  discounted concert tickets. A month or so ago I got $25 free Grubhub code by visiting a Tmobile (on Tuesday) and getting an extra code. (I usually don't bother but I actually had to be there that day!) So anyway...I always remember to check and sometimes its something I actually want! 

Those are my favorites this week! 

Happy Halloween! Costume Edition....

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays...probably my most favorite. This year I didn't get to do any of the fun stuff that I usually do. Moving and settling in and just the fact that we don't know many people and we flew home this month has left us scrambling. Lets not forget that it rained for almost 6 weeks straight in Austin and then we couldn't drink the water for a week. So yea...October has been a shit show. Soooo since I didn't get to do any fun dressing up this year I thought I would share the Halloween costumes over the years!

The year I was Alvin because I was in China and had to come up with a costume! 

Madonna...ala Like a Virgin....I don't know what I thought going out half naked like that. 

Dexter & his victim! I sweat so much I am pretty sure I lost 3 pounds that night! 

I have worn this costume many times! I keep it as my backup for years that I go out for more than one night!  

The year we were Minions! I love Group costumes guys! 

Ninja turtles! I wish I could find the post for this but it might be before I changed my blog name. 

Tina & Louise from Bob's Burgers...I loved this one it was so easy and comfortable! 

 Jigsaw...my costumes have started to involve more and more clothes over the years. This one was so easy I literally only had to buy a red bow-tie! 

So those are some of my past costumes! What are some of your favorites from over the years? 

Travel Days: Caribbean Cruise Pt. 1

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


You can check out some of my other Travel Days Posts here! 

How we ended up on a 7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise

While I was taking all that time off the blog over the summer A and I went on a Caribbean Cruise. We had originally planned to be going to Europe with his group of friends at that time but alas group trips always find a way to fall apart and no one booked anything. We found ourselves 2 months before we both had time off and nothing planned. We eventually settled on a cruise (not what I wanted but A is not very good at just sitting around so All inclusive beach trip isn't high on his radar) I have mentioned before I am a HUGE supporter of cheaper traveling so I was all about finding the best deal for this cruise, the cheapest flight to Miami and the best priced stay for the overnight before we boarded.

I scoured sights and came to this:
  • We booked on Expedia because they were offering the stops we wanted as well as deals like choices of drink package, 3 or 4 night dinner package, wifi for the trip or $$ towards an excursion. 
  • Considering that we both like to drink and the drink packages on cruises are ridiculous we saved over $400 choosing the drink package option. 
  • Expedia also offered $50 towards an excursion through them
  • I also took advantage of the Norweign Upgrade Advantage that lets you name a price you are willing to pay to upgrade your room. I low balled it HARD for a few different upgrades and eventually we got a bigger/nicer room for only $100 more. 
  •  We knew that 8 days is A LOT to be making plans for every day so we chose to only do excursions on 3 of the 4 stops.
  • We decided not to do the wifi package and instead choose to do 3 nights of dining package. (looking back now I would NOT do the dining package again. It was not worth it.)

This is my favorite photo from the trip and a glimpse of the kind of trip it was!