Monday, May 21, 2018

Hello Monday! & work are killing me. No seriously they are. I spent all my time last week working on a project for just one of my classes. 1 of THEM! My brain hurts. So since I was basically completely MIA last week I will give a kind of life update in photos!

There has been a lot of food...because you all know how much I love that. But really we are still eating out mainly on weekends and cooking during the week but we did a lot of repeat meals last couple weeks so not a lot of photos of that.

Some Sushi @ Union Sushi & BBQ 

Donuts from @Somethin' Sweet Donuts  

Friday night Ceviche, Enchiladas & Steak Quesadilla @ Estrella Negra 

 Delicious Fried Chicken Breakfast @ Honey Butter Fried Chicken

.....I eat a lot.

Some family time with my two favorites!! My mom & Sis for Mother's Day! 

A great night out for a meetup that started with Bowling and ended up at a bar dancing till 2 am...

A wine fest in Lincoln Park in the cold rain!! 

And I think that is about it. I'm back to homework and catching up on everyone's blog posts from last week!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Food Food Food: Vegan Brownies!

I told you back in February about these amazing vegan brownies that Thenewguy made for my sister when she was just starting out with her vegan adventure. I recently decided to make them myself for a meetup sweets exchage so I wanted to share with you guys!!

2 C. Flour (He used Whole Wheat I used regular, doesn't matter) 
2 C. Granulated Sugar (white or unrefined) 
3/4 C. Unsweetend Cocoa Powder
1 Tsp. Salt
1 Tsp. Baking Powder
1 C. Mashed Banana (make sure they are ripe) 
1/4 C. Milk (We used Chocolate Ripple Milk, but almond would be fine) 
1/4 C. Canola Oil
1 Tsp. Vanilla 
1 C. Dairy Free Chocolate Chips(optional) 
1/2 C. Nuts(optional) 

Preheat oven to 350°, lightly oil a 9x13 dish 

1. In a large bowl mix flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt. 
2. In a smaller bowl mix banana, milk, canola oil and vanilla
3. Add wet ingredients to dry, mix until combined. (THIS IS HARD. It does not mix like a normal brownie batter so don't be deterred)
4. Fold in Chocolate chips & nuts if you want to add them 
5. Pour into pan and bake 25-35 minutes (usually takes 28-30 for me) 

Nevermind that they are vegan they taste great and everyone who has had them loves them before I tell them they have no milk or eggs! 
Again..I am terrible at remembering to take photos so this is all I have! 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Fun: Worst Date Stories!

Every week I am going to share some stories (with permission from the teller, of course!) with everyone! Feel free to send me one of your bad date stories to be shared! 

Last week I shared one of my favorite Bad First Dates!  

This week I am sharing one from my friend: DoctorFriend(She prefers not to use her very Unique and easy to find first name).... 

So I met this guy online and we chatted for about a week. He seemed really nice but then would only communicate by email. It was in 2017...not 1990, but he refused to share his phone number or use a messaging app. I should have seen that as a weird sign but I thought it was nice that he wanted to exchange these long emails. We arrange to meet in person (again no way to contact him but email) and he is 15 minutes late, doesn't apologize. We proceed to have drinks and he tells me as soon as our drink arrives "I can pay for this but since you are a doctor I expect you pay for the rest of the drinks and if we decide to have dinner." You can imagine how it went after that. Basically the rest of teh time he kept harping on how much more money I must make than him being a doctor and how he is "totally not bothered by it" though he clearly was. It was very uncomfortable. I paid for 2 rounds of drinks and I was done. He assumed we were going to get dinner when I asked if he was ready to go and I had to politely tell him I couldn't do dinner. He emailed me the next night this long flowery email that said...and I am not kidding here: "I think you are a wonderful person and I would happily shower your body with kisses and pleasure you but I am not looking for a relationship right now and I don't think we would be right for each other if I was as I will need a woman who is younger than you. I am happy to meet again to explore our sexual sides, let me know." This really happened. I'm not kidding.  

 Guys I love her. She has some other really funny ones too that I will probably share but it seems that every guy she meets that isn't also a doctor (or well paid profession) thinks she is either going to be their sugar mama or are super intimidated! Men!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Three on Thursday!

Another Thursday post of Favorites thanks to Steph @ Not Entirely Perfect
 Sometimes I really struggle to come up with these and sometimes I just know! Going to keep it super simple today...

 1. Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato w/extra caramel 
2. Summer/Warm Weather Rain storms 
3. Warm, slightly undercooked chocolate chip cookies  

These make me happy! 
What are three things that make you happy? 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Show Us Your Books: May

Life According to Steph

Its that time again! This is my favorite link up, i love finding new books every month and seeing who is reading what! For April I read 10 books...For some reason it was a slow reading month for me. 

Bringing Up Bébé (****) In keeping with my one non-fiction book a month this was April's choice n recommendation of a friend. Considering my career I find books like this interesting, especially since I work in a different school environment than the normal public education. I thought the book was great, she does a good job of pointing out what she sees on both sides without ever really saying one side is wrong and one side is right. She is 100% right about the amount of pressure that parents face and "advice" they are given about what is right and wrong for parenting. I also very much enjoyed reading the comments/reviews from butthurt moms though! 

Guys...I was so excited when this ebook was ready from the library I almost pooped myself. Seriously. I read it in less than 24 hours and then I was super pissed at myself because the next book doesn't come out till September. SEPTEMBER. WTF. I thought it was a good read, leaving you so ready to read the next book! It also is kind of hard to decide which sister you want to become Queen....well..actually only 2 of them.

When I start to read a series I like to request all the books from the library at the same time so I don't have to wait. I had to wait 3 weeks for Glass Sword after reading the first one so I was pretty sad about that. I zipped through it, loved and I was so ready for Kings Cage...which of course took a week to be available. You know when the next one comes out?? In 2 weeks. Dammit. I enjoyed them both...towards the end of Kings Cage I was like ok..alright...come on now. So I think more than anything I need to read the next one because I need closure. Still recommended though. 

So I saw the First Wife on like everyone's list recently and then had to wait forever for it. Some people say it was predictable. I don't think it is. I was surprised. At the beginning I thought I had it and when it ended I was like well shit...didn't see that coming. So that makes it a good read for me. 

As for "The Other Girl" same thing except I had it completely wrong with who I thought it was. I ended up reading this one because I usually get on a genre kick after reading something I like and I am glad I did. 

Those were my are some other notable mentions...

  • The Bone Witch (The Bone With #1) I liked this book enough to request the second book from the library but I wouldn't say I want to rave about it. I am definitely interested in where it is going and I like the Geisha like lifestyle mixed with Magic. 
  • Resisting Roots I don't know...this book was fun but also annoying misogynistic. The main male character was overly macho, you can have a player character who isn't gross.  Also, if some dude I've never met calls me gumdrop before using my real name he is going to get attitude.  
  • Love & Gelato I think I maybe should have realized the book was YA early on but I sort of didn't. It was cute, super cute in fact and worth the read for a kind of fluffy book. 
  • The In Between Girl I didn't like the ending which is probably why I won't read the next book. I think the author could have done a better job but that happens. It wasn't bad so I did finish it but I don't think I would recommend it.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Hello Monday!

It feels like the weekend flew by and here we are on Monday again!

Friday... Thenewguy and I went to see Dragon Lights at Soldier Field since it was the last weekend and the weather was finally cooperating. It was lots of fun to walk around and see the different lanterns. Then we headed to Chinatown for some late dim sum dinner!

Saturday... Was such a long day! We had a baby shower and a going away party to go to in two opposite suburbs. So it was a mad dash to get a gift, food, and then drive to one party an hour away...then hang out to another party an hour from that location...hang out there and then drive an hour home. I may not drive again ever. The baby shower was fun, and I am so excited for my friends. The going away party was also fun though we very much intend to see our friend in another couple months anyway!

Sunday...I had been dying for Brunch so I picked a spot under stressful conditions(thenewguy was rushing me out the door) and it was a fail for me. He doesn't like eggs and I can't have dairy. Of the whole menu 3 things didn't have some kind of cheese or cream on them and I didn't want any of those three. I got french toast and they were dry. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Ugh. I just a mess because that is some luck. Anyway..I also got to spend hours doing homework, did groceries and meal prep and hung out..finished it out with some Big & Littles and took my ass to bed! 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Worst Date Stories!

So here is the of my favorite things about meeting new girls in these meetups has been terrible date stories because what is dating for if not to have ridiculous stories to share with friends? Ok..maybe to find a partner but otherwise for stories.

This idea has been brewing for awhile as each meetup comes and goes and I hear new more ridiculous stories. So I am putting a call out for your worst stories! Every week I am going to share some stories (with permission from the teller, of course!) with everyone!

Of course to kick off the first post I can share one of my favorites! 

The Rosemont Drunk
              I met this guy online who lived in the burbs, so he said he would be staying close to the city for a weekend due to work and maybe we could have dinner. We agreed on a place and he offered to pick me up from the blue line station nearest the restaurant (only a 1/2 mile walk but I thought he was nice to offer). We arrive at dinner and he proceeds to have 4...thats right 4 cocktails before the food arrives. He made pleasant enough conversation but just keep ordering drinks and asking if I wanted another. By the time the food came he was drunk, clearly. He ordered 3 more drinks before we finally got the check. I offered to split it and he lets me know he can pay because he gets a per diem from work and the bill is just under it. Ummm ok.  Knocks back that 7th drink and says "Do you want to get a 6 pack and go back to my hotel room?" thanks. So I say no thanks and he says ok well lets go to the bar by the train station. At this point I have no idea why I said yes but I did and he tried to get me in the car so he could drive us there....after 7 drinks in less than 2 hours. So we walked. Even though we sat in a big booth and he decided to sit right next to me and start trying to feel me up before the drink even arrived. I made it all of 30 minutes (2 more drinks for him) before I said I had to go. Walks me out and tries to kiss me and again, suggest we go back to his hotel. I went home...this guy had the nerve to call me a few more times trying to take me out becuase he had "such a good time". 

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