Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesdays @ Two: Week 3

Why do you get an email about unsubscribing when you unsubscribe? I've been trying to clean out my inboxes because I get a crap ton of junk mail and I keep getting emails back. Damn them! The whole point was I am over having these stupid emails in my inbox. 

People who post relentlessly on social media about their political views should be slapped. I have a friend who its turns out is far more one side than the other than I knew about and I just want to tell her to stop with the posting because she makes herself look like a racist schmuck and I like to think she isn't (ya know cause i'm brown and we friend)... But again...who knows who people really are? Also, please just stop with posting about politics in an effort to talk about yourself. Its annoying. 

What's on your mind today?

Friday, October 13, 2017

High 5 for Friday!

Monday's off always throw me off, I kept hoping it was Friday by Wednesday...but here we are!

I joined the Girly Book Club last month but didn't get to make it to the meetup. I am so excited to do this month's in a couple weeks. The book was The Alice Network by Katie Quinn. Let me tell you guys. I love loved it. Finished it in a day & half (when I should have been doing homework) 

I'm so excited for Denver next week that I have been compiling a list of all the fun things people recommend and I am pretty sure we will be completely exhausted by the time we get back. We already have a concert @ Red Rocks for Friday night so we just have to decide what else we really want to do. I feel like I have so much I need to get done at home and with homework before we go. I hate to leave the apartment a mess even though I live with roommates so it will likely be a mess when I get back anyway. 

Weekend Fun
I was looking forward to going to see 311 at Sam Adams Octoberfest tomorrow but now the forecast says 100% chance of rain in the evening...and its cold...and I hate cold weather.  I think we are going to try and go anyway since the tickets were not cheap but I now have to figure out a cute but warm outfit and how to keep from looking like a wet poodle! 

OOh also having a girls night out tonight with some meetup girls! Very excited for that! 

Sports Sports Sports...
The Cubs are stressing me out. For real, they barely got through last night with that win. I need them to pick it up and get their lives together. We need this World Series Win so that Thenewguy and every other Sox fan can shut up. In other sports new...my fantasy teams the last 2 weeks have sucked so bad I didn't even win $.25. How sad is that?? 

Oye. I am usually so on top of Halloween stuff. Like costume  picked out and almost ready by Oct 1 but this year? I don't know where the time went but I still can't decide what I will be and where I will go. I have a friend going to a party but I refuse to pay $30 to go a B96(radio station) anything. I am also too old to be half naked because its always cold and the Cubs will probably Definitely be playing still so I would prefer a bar that will play the game. 

What is your 5 for Friday? Link up with Bright on a BudgetCup of Tea and BYBMG!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thirsty Thursday- Bloody Mary Edition

It is no secret around here that I love a good Bloody Mary, especially a good bloody Mary bar. I want my drink to be a meal! So lets talk about this...

What is in a bloody Mary? 

Your most basic bloody mary includes...
- Vodka (or tequila if you want to get crazy) 
- tomato juice of some kind
- Tabasco Sauce 
- horseradish
- celery salt
- black pepper 

Then you can get creative! I personally love olives, celery, bacon and all the spicy shit I can get in there. 

Here are some of my recent creations...

There are some places in Chicago I want to visit simply because Instagram has shown me their wonderful bloody marys...

First up we have Benchmark  


Can you tell I really like this drink? So here is the deal...if you are in Chicago and want to try these out lets do this! If you live elsewhere and know a place that has a great bloody mary let me know so I can bookmark it for my travels! Ooh and show me some pics I love to see the creations!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A trip to Mexico - Riviera Maya part dos!

So I shared how and what and all that. Let me share some of the pictures of our awesome vacation!

Excurion to the Tulum & Coba ruins and a Cenote! Somehow a random beach picture got in there!

Zip Lining Adventures! 


 Food food food...so much food.

I'm terrified of fish...you should know it was not me taking this picture because I saw them and ran right out of the water. 

Lots of beach and sun 

On our last night before fancy dinner! 

 Sad and waiting for our ride to the airport...




Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesdays @ Two: Week 2

I was going to do a weekend recap post but it is Tuesday and I always feel weird about posting twice. I may end up doing a tiny weekend recap later this week. This is what happens when you have mondays off!

What is the proper word to use when describing myself? I think about this all the time. Like what is right? When I am browsing social media and you look up the words #curvy or #thick  there are so many variations. I can look at one picture and say Ok I can see what she is saying and another and say Nope, not a word I would use. So what is the word for the in between girls?  The ones with curvy figures who are not quite what "really" overweight but not quite on the thin/average side either? And what really is average? Is it ok to just say I need to lose about 40 lbs to be where I should be but I have plenty of "womanly" curves??

Do you see how this can spiral? So when I do describe myself I always end up going for sounding bigger than I am and figure someone can guess for themselves when they see me. This isn't really relevant now that I am not online dating right now but it is still something that I think about.

 **Please note this is not in any way picking on anyone!**

Why is it so hard to make friends as an adult? But like really. You would think it would be easier since I'm in my early 30's and most of us are doing what we want to do, over the drama and catty behavior, probably not out getting shitfaced every night. So why is it harder to meet people to sit around and watch Scandal and drink wine with?? Why? 

I need my friends to stop living in other states and moving across the world so that I don't have to keep making new friends! 

 That is all. What is on your mind today? 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thirsty Thursday- Koval Distillery

Its Thursday!!! I am actually not drinking today because last night I did the distillery tour at Koval Distillery and my brain still kinda hurts.

I actually did the tour back in 2013 but since I was in them midst of that shit awful break up at the time I ended up not really posting about it. I took another one and this time I can share!

Koval was one of the first distilleries to open up in Chicago(2008) since the 1800's. They are family owned, small company who just opened their second and bigger space in the last few years. They locally(or try to) source their grains and are certified organic. The tour is super informative and interesting and, of course, you get to taste some alcohol!! 

We got to try the  White Rye, Four Grain and Bourbon that are all single age barrelled in the building. 

We also got to try some of the liqueurs, specifically coffee & caraway. 

The coffee was fantastic and super smooth, I very much hate dislike caraway seeds so I was not happy about tasting the other but I did try the Ginger and it was so delicious. 

Some more pics from the tour...

It was a fun Wednesday night adventure and highly recommended, if like me, you are a whiskey fan! 


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A trip to Mexico - Rivieria Maya

I have been to Mexico many many many times over the years but I still love it for a quick relaxing and fun trip! This past spring we were trying to find a place that would work in everyone's budget and during my spring break from work so we decided on Riviera Maya. So here is a bit about our trip!

 I am all about travel and seeing the world but lets be serious I don't have tons of $$ to do it. So I always do my best to research research research before I take a trip!

Looking for flights/hotels!
Whenever I am thinking of staying in an All Inclusive I immediately check out Bookit.com & Cheap Carribean.com they almost always have the best deals and promo codes available. So this time after a few weeks of back and forth we went with CheapCarribean.com 

Our hotel! 
I am a big fan of the Gran Bahia Principe resorts. I have now stayed in 4 of them and will likely continue when I look for all inclusive vacas. We decided to stay at the Luxury Bahia Principe Akumal which is one of the 4 on the resort which I love. When we arrived our specific hotel was actually overbooked and we got to decide between an inside resort facing room or switching to one of the other hotels for a ocean view and a $300 credit. Ummm yea $300 credit it is because we love massages! 
It sounds terrible to say this but I have done so many excursions on trips before that I am kind of overit unless I am seeing something brand new but the people I went with were taking their first "out of country" vacation so I had to find something that we would all be happy with...a little relaxation, some ruins and some adventure. Some tips...especially for Mexico and other places with all inclusive. I like to do some research ahead and even book ahead because the hotels are known for price gouging the excursions. Both of the excursions I booked ahead when I checked the resort were $50-75 more per person. I also found promo codes to use online to get the packages even cheaper! 

I used Cancun- Discounts & Cancun Adventure for this trip. 
We booked an Xplor package that included Zip Lining, underground river, atv rides, and an underground raft ride. It was a great time had by all of us and you can check out the pics in the part 2 of this trip! 
We also booked a ruins tour package that took us to the Tulum & Coba ruins followed up by a swim in a cenote. This was actually my favorite day of the whole vacation and I would 100% recommend checking them out to everyone and anyone! 

So that is a bit about the basics of the vacation. How & where type business.  I was not compensated or contacted by anyone for this post, I just really like to share how I book vacations on a budget!

Check out the next posting for pics of the great vacation! 


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