Wednesday, September 20, 2017

September Curently....

What do you do when its Wednesday and you have no clue what to post? Do a currently post!

Anticipating... Going to Denver next month. I promised myself more short weekend trips and am really looking forward to doing it! Plus Thenewguy found out that Deadmau5 will be performing at Red Rocks and so we are going because why would we miss that?? Have you been to Denver? Any recommendations??

Watching... I am starting This is Us  finally Over again. I watched the first episode then got busy with all my other shows but I have heard nothing but good things and want to check it out.

Reading...Does homework count? I am doing tons of reading for homework and especially enjoying some of the new things I am learning. Along with that I just finished the Vampire Academy series so I am going to start working on the giant list of books I put together from that link up.

Loving...80 degrees in Chicago!! Yes. Please. All. The. HEAT. Haha I am so happy. It is supposed to be 88 today, I will be going straight to the park to lay out after work!

Doing... I'm in the process of getting back to working out and a personal trainer is helping kill me. So if I start complaining about how my whole body hurts you know what happened! 

Wishing... That it was already half way through the school year because this kids are killing me! But really just wishing I had more time in general 

Planning... Halloween! I am thinking of having a party this year so I need to get my life together and figure out what I want to do and what my costume will be. I am very much  thinking I might be Moana because I keep being told i look like her so it would be fun and easy! 

 Can you see it? I've got the hair part covered at least! 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Oh Mondays...

I always imagine saying that in an Eeyore voice...

I am exhausted today...not because I went crazy this weekend but I just couldn't sleep last night. So all I have for you is a tiny weekend recap.

Friday- I got home and took a 2 hour nap. It was so needed I can't even begin to express how grumpy I was! Followed that up with some dinner w/G and my cousin and then off to get some drinks at Fountainhead with Thenewguy. We actually got cut short because my cousin called me for an emergency and I needed to run home.

Burnt Ends sandwich @ Real Urban BBQ

Trying to figure out what drink he wanted from their super list! 

Saturday - It was GORGEOUS outside in Chicago and so I spent a couple hours laying in the sun at the park just relaxing and reading.  Then my cousin and I headed off to spend hours at Ikea. I needed to get some stuff for the classroom and more shit I need don't really need for the apartment. 

I had originally planned to go out Saturday night but we ended up watching The Help and ordering Chinese food. I think it worked out perfectly! 

Sunday - I went to a meetup at Rockit (I was going to share a post about meetup and realized I never finished writing it so that has to happen!) for Brunch & Football but the girls who came to the meetup only wanted brunch. So that ended earlier than expected so I went to see Thenewguy and bummed on his couch and watched football did my dreaded homework. 

Side note: Rockit has a great brunch menu and live music!! There was a guy with a guitar playing and it was an awesome atmosphere. They also have great NFL Sunday deals so it gets busy around noon! 

I love a good Bloody Mary Bar!!

Banana Bread French Toast and Bacon! 

and because I have no self control (diet? what diet??) I stopped at Firecakes on my way for some delicious donuts! 

then Football & homework....

It was a pretty decent weekend. Also, my draftkings team this week was on fire!! Won myself $3 yo!! 

How was your weekend? 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thirsty Thursday- Cider Edition

It's Thursday and I need a drink.

Since I started dating someone who drinks craft beer (and I genuinely dislike beer, especially crafty shit) I had to start upping my drink game. All I ever drank was Angry Orchard or Whiskey and let me tell you if you are day drinking and hitting whiskey & ginger all day you are going to be in for a hard time. So...I've started to explore. Here are some of my new favorite ciders.

Coincidentally fall is a great time to have some ciders! (all year is don't listen to what i say)

I actually like all their ciders but this one is my favorite. It has a spicy kick after each sip and i do love my sweet & spicy everything! 

Their other options!


Guys. This is Cider w/Wine. Yes, you read that right. Shit is amazing.

(And really most of their ciders) 

  The thing about this one, if you can find it, is that they are aged in bourbon barrels and it gives it this smokey flavor that if you are a bourbon drinker you will love! 


The deal with this one is it's tasty and has 8.5% abv. So yea. Whole bottle for me! 


This one is so delicious! The thing is that it was a bday gift so I have no idea where to get it in Chicago but if you do then let me know! (Or if you want to send me a bottle because you love me) 

Notable mentions...

I feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't mention some of these because even though they aren't all that special they are still delicious! 

Ciderboys and all their wonderful flavors! Especially Grand Mimosa! 

Strongbow Honey Apple is so sweet and smooth! 


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Books Books Books!

If there is anything I can talk and talk about it's books. I love them. Read too many, usually trashy ones, sometimes serious. I love book lists and recommendations!

I have actually managed to surpass my goal of 75 for the year but I attribute that to my sudden decision to re-read the Sookie Stackhouse series this spring/summer. Here are some of the books I've read this year that I enjoyed! 

 - The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I can't remember how I found it (probably someone added it on Goodreads) but I really enjoyed it. I can say it may have some triggers for people so I would suggest reading the blurb and maybe a few of the reviews if that is something you prefer to know ahead of time.

- The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter. I've noticed in the blog universe a lot of people either love her or hate her as an author. I could not put Pretty Girls down so I was excited to see this book pop up. Only problem was I did not realize it was book #8 in a series. SO I was a bit lost with the characters but it was still great. If you are a fan of hers I recommend the Will Trent Series
I started from book 1 now and I am enjoying them!

- Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris. This book. Yes! Highly recommend. Per my review ( i never review books) I couldn't put it down. I felt like there was something up and I couldn't quite place my finger on it and I loved that about it.

- Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton. I love YA books. There I said it. I really do. I also love magical, anything dessert or middle eastern type and this book has Djinni, magic, that and more. If you are looking for something light this book is a hit! I'm currently on the 2nd in the series too.

- The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. In looking at the reviews before I read the book I really couldn't decide if it was going to be good. I actually checked out the ebook and then didn't read it and had to wait for it to be available again. First, the writing in this book is fantastic. I love being able to picture everything in my head and a great detailed writer can do that. Its different than what you expect from reading the blurb and will either draw you in or you won't like it. But. I. think. you. should. read. it!

Have you read any of these? What did you think? I am going to check out all your recommendations and hopefully have some new books to review before the next link up!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Oh Mondays..

I think I could write a whole blog post about the various ways to avoid doing homework every week. I am the master at procrastination and 100% failed this weekend to get my assignments done and in on time even though I had the time.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
I was glad to hear that my Florida family & friends were all safe and I hope that all you bloggers in Florida are keeping safe & dry!

The first full week back with the kids and my brain is fried already so here are some pictures of my weekend...excuse me while I go stalk all your blogs...

We have been going to a new all you can eat sushi place and love it!
 If you are in Chicago check out Sushi Taku!
Much needed sushi dinner!

We decided to check out the Chicago Bears Block Party. It was a bit smaller than we anticipated but we both wanted to see Lucky Boys Confusion so we stuck around and had some micheladas. 


 Was recovery day. We drank far more than expected and resulted in dying on Sunday morning. We bummed around the house and watched Football all day! 

My draft  kings team did ok, not as great as I had hoped but luckily I can pick another team next week! 

In other news...Target had 25% off Fraps on I had my first Salted Caramel Frap and I couldn't have been happier. Also...please note those excellently done nails(never happens) 


 That is all i've got for you. How was your weekend?

Friday, September 8, 2017

It's Friday!

 Yay! It's Friday!!! Its been a long ass week over here even with Monday off. First week back with the kids is always exhausting and add in school for me and I'm D.E.D.

Some things to ponder this coming weekend....

- Is it ok that I am anti-fall( I really do love summer) but had my first Salted Caramel Mocha today? 

- Do college professors purposely wait until you have a good weekend of relaxing coming up to give you all the homework? I think they do.

- Do I need to take the AC unit out of my window yet? Are we going to have some freak warm weather and then I'll melt to death trying to sleep without AC? Ugh. Decisions.

- Why did Game of Thrones end right before the school season started? Don't they know I don't do shit around this time of year? That is what SUNDAY Nights were for dammit.

I refuse to touch FB until I see the episode because assholes always spoil shit 

- Foosball season is upon us! Who's excited? Who knows their team sucks ass and will lose all the games but doesn't care? Me!!! Also...very excited that Marshawn Lynch is back so apparently I am watching Raiders games too this year! 

- Remember when I told myself I was going on a diet when September came? Yea. I remember that. Forget I mentioned that salted caramel mocha I had this morning...and the cinnamon raisin bagel too. Just scrap that I will start on Monday.

- I signed up for a 5k next month and haven't run further than to my car in the rain (be serious I didn't even do that) since like May. I may die, I hope they have a speed walking lane. 

 Ok. I think that's all I have to think about this weekend.  Whats on your mind??

Thursday, September 7, 2017

What's New With You?

What's New With You

Oh man...where do I even begin?

Hi. My name is Monica and it has been one year since I last blogged.
I miss it.

I took a really long break because I went through a crap breakup and then was being really weird about sharing my life publicly after a person found my blog and proceeded to inform me that I had been cheated on. Yea. That happened.

So combine that with work and school and I just kind of gave up. Plus keeping with other blogs and bringing traffic in can be kind of exhausting sometimes. Right? But....

But I am here. I can't make any promises that I will be posting anything wonderful but I can say I miss the blogging world and sharing my life!

So to be are some updates of the goings on in my life:

So that is all I've got for you today! I am excited to get back into the blogging world and check out what everyone has been doing! Stop by, say hello, if you are new drop the link to your blog so I can come check your corner of the universe out!

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