Monday, December 11, 2017

Oh Monday!

How is it Monday again? I can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying by and with so much to do and so much going on I can't even!

It is a Monday after TBOX aka 12 Bars of Christmas bar crawl...and a giant shitshow. No seriously....I'm still hurting. I can't drink like I used to.

You can see all about how TBOX  and Christmas Tea Party weekends go for me here! 

Sunday, my mom and I headed over to my friends for her annual Christmas tea party!

My terrible attempt at making ornaments! 

Then I finished off the weekend with some homework and christmas shopping! I'm not at all ready for another busy week!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Oh Monday: Christmas Linkup!

What an incredibly busy last few weeks! I feel like my blogging has fallen off and I am not inspired enough to write posts to cover the days I'm too busy! I could definitely use some blogging ideas so I decided to join this Christmas link up from The Blended Blog

1. Real tree! I love the smell of pine, picking out my own tree and then bringing it home to decorate. I usually pick a small 3 ft tree but the roomie convinced me to do a 5ft this year!

2. Favorite Christmas Cookie: I make these delicious Andes Mint Chocolate Cookies every year and everyone loves them! 

3. Mom's House! I usually spend the night at my mom or sisters(whoever is hosting) and wake up for presents, breakfast and a movie. I love not having to get up and go anywhere. 

4. Colored & Clear Lights! I like clear on my tree and colored everywhere else in the house! 

5. I love to send Christmas cards! I am probably the only one of my friends without children that does but I don't care! 

6. Favorite Present...hmmm I think that my favorite so far has been the Kitchenaid mixer I received. I use it so much and it makes me so happy because its Pink! 

7. Favorite Present Given...I think this year's Craft Beer Advent Calendar will be my favorite. He loves it and I really enjoyed making it! 

8. Stockings! For sure, we each have one and usually its something like candy or a gag gift that goes in them. 

9. Christmas PJ's all the way! We actually do a Pajama Christmas now so we all wear some fun pjs for Christmas Eve. 

10. Christmas Carols...I like silent night, I think its so pretty and its one of the more quiet ones! 

11. Favorite Holiday tradition...I love going trying to catch the holiday train, figuring out when its going to be by my house and when I can catch it is fun for me.

12. Early & Last Minute! I am great about starting early for the majority of my list but then I always leave one or two people until the very end because I shop better when I am rushing.

13. Favorite Christmas movie...Home Alone. Always and forever. I have lots of other honorable mentions, Nothing like the holidays, Nightmare before Christmas, Die Hard

14. Favorite Holiday Drink...I love Coquito! It is a puerto rican version of egg nog but really.

15. Cookies & Milk...we do leave milk & cookies for santa but we always leave lactaid!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tuesdays @ Two!

Its that time of the week! 

I'm usually really good about writing down things so I don't forget them for Tuesdays...But i can't find my list!

Why is PMS so real sometimes? I mean I try to make sure that I don't act crazy because I can't use PMS as an excuse for life but man that crying for no reason nonsense sucks. I can't even listen to those stupid radio commercials where the soldiers talk about their families(because they are away for the holidays) without crying like a little baby. Lets not even talk about how things that never bother me suddenly make me violently angry. Make it stop!!! 

Where does all my money go? I think there might be some big scheme to take money out of my account in the form of Starbucks reloads and Grubhub so that I won't notice. Maybe. Its possible. But really if I stopped having Starbucks and eating out 4-5 days a week I would be rich. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Oh Monday!

Monday's after a long weekend are always hard. I'm trying to train myself to start getting up earlier so today was the first of a week of half hour earlier and it was ROUGH!!

I would like to tell you I had a nice relaxing Thanksgiving weekend but I didn't. I ran around like a crazy person. I enjoyed it, so that makes it ok but I do wish I had taken a little more time to just relax before the busy holiday season gets underway. I spent all of Wednesday running errands to get ready for Thanksgiving and then Friday running around getting ready for Friendgivng, Saturday running around because I said yes to too many things and Sunday trying to catch up on my homework and do the annual mother/daugther visit to the Christkindlmarket.


And that is 100% why I am re-evaluating anything I have planned and said yes to in the next month. I do not want to be overwhelmed and become stressed because I love this time of year and if I overbook myself I will be angry for the next 3 weeks. 

So with that said...I have to go do some Cyber Monday shopping for myself!  And share some photos from the past few weeks!

His & Hers booze!

My brother was in another show! 

My nephew's 1st Thanksgiving!


Im obsessed with the netflix fireplace!! 

Thenewguy got me a gift to prep for Christmas! I seriously almost died I was so happy!
Christkindlmarket with my mom! 

Progress on Thenewguys's beer advent calendar...I need to finish by Friday! 

 And that is all! 


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a wonderful day full of food and happiness! 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tuesdays @ Two!

Hello everyone! Its Tuesday (aka My Friday) Since we are only working two days this week! yay!

Here is what I have for you today!


 When people RSVP for an event that requires a head count (i.e. tickets are purchased or food is being prepared for a certain #) and then don't show or cancel super last after it has started! This past weekend I organized a group to go to the Bears game and tailgate beforehand. Now...out of the 12 people the group started with 7 decided they didn't want to go to the game right before the tickets were purchased but would still tailgate. 1 decided not to go to the game anymore after tickets were purchased leaving me to get rid of the ticket or lose money. I confirmed with everyone several times leading up to the morning of the game to get a head count for food purchases. Morning of...7 don't show or cancel an hour before the game(start for tailgating was 8am)

You can imagine my frustation when we had food for 12 people and 4 including me actually attended. 

THAT SUCKS. If you can't go say so. If you don't want to go say so. Unfortunate events happen but its so rude to just bail on shit where people are making purchases based on #s. 

 What is the proper way to handle friends breaking up? Do we have to choose sides? How do you determine who's side to pick if you are close to both of them? If someone was shitty in their relationship but still a friend to you does that mean you shouldn't stay friends with them? Is that your business? Where do we draw the line? 

Thats all I have today. What's on your mind?  

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thirsty Thursday: Thanksgiving Cocktails

So for a lot of people Holidays are stressful, all the running around, forced social interaction...all that good stuff.

I personally love the holidays because I refuse to split them, love food, and we have dwindled down the family to just the closest relatives which  makes me excited to spend time with them.

Anyway! It is time to look at some of these cocktails that can make all things right in the world on Thanksgiving!

Because I love whiskey and who doesn't love maple stuff???

 I love love mimosas so if I can pass it off as an afternoon drink, i'm in! 

 OMG yum. I think I have made something like this before but never thought to add cinnamon or other spices.


I feel like you can't have a holiday cocktail anything without mentioning Sangria.

and one more bourbon cocktail just because...

I may be the only bourbon drinker in the family  but I am making this one this year! 

So listen...try not to get too sauced on Thanksgiving but do make some fun cocktails! 
Do you have a favorite drink you make for the holidays??  

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