Thursday, January 27, 2011

The art of dieting

Just the word diet makes me cringe. Its an awful, horrible, torturous process that I don't know anyone actually enjoys. That being said, I am back on one. I am testing out Medifast again. Let me be the first to say this is not an advertisement for Medifast. The diet is horrible and you have to really really determined and hate yourself just enough to actually stick to it. For those of you that don't know or haven't heard me complain about it, it's a low carb diet consisting of dehydrated foods that you have to eat 5 times a day, then you are rewarded with a meal of your own and it has to be as low carb as you can get.
THIS SUCKS. No seriously.

How do you even figure out what diet is right and won't kill you? There are some ridiculous ones out there, liquid diets, chocolate milk diets, cookie diets, Atkins...the list goes on and on. Some you can tell just from the name that they are ridiculous. Others sound good and then you get the book, or read enough info on the web to think you got the idea and you realize they will be awful as well. What works for some may not work for others. The cookie diet might work if the cookie didn't taste like chalk...if the goal was to starve myself rather than eat the cookie I would lose 20 pounds fast.

Diets are the devil. Yes, I said it, they are. The truth is you have to change something or you won't lose weight. Right? But if you want to lose 10 pounds in the next 5 days just cutting out the pop and candy won't work. Why not?! I have to say, that's just not fair. I am typing this and thinking of a very good friend of mine and how she has told me time and time again that if I don't give up the cookies the working out doesn't matter.  So if you are the type to get in it for the long haul, you know the type with patience then you can just eat better and exercise and it will work out. On the other hand if you want to see that fat gone tomorrow you have to torture yourself with some retched diet.

Lets talk a little bit about working out. I don't want to sound whiny but I DO NOT like the gym. at all. I try hard to enjoy the burn and the sweat and imagine that the results will be great. Unfortunately, while I am working out all I can think about is how much my ass is jiggling, how I must be red in the face, and how much this "burn" hurts. All the DVDs and hot trainers in the world can't make me like that pain.

I tell myself over and over again I won't diet, I will eat better and workout and then I wont have to torture myself anymore. Obviously I wrote this because I didn't listen to any of that. The thing is I can repeat till I am blue in the face that I will treat my body better but I love food. There is no getting around this problem. The good news is that I finally realized I need to lose weight and get into a shape that makes me happy and not anyone else. Meanwhile, I am back on a diet and miserable, cranky and if you get too close and smell like food I might just bite you. The thought of someone enjoying a piece of bread right now makes me close to homicidal. I know that plenty of people can relate so after having said of all that. Good luck with any diet you might be doing and be strong!

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