Thursday, March 31, 2011

Such a long week

This is the week leading up to the biggest tradeshow my company does every year. Can you say madhouse?? I can! It's been a rough two weeks and the next week or two will be just as hectic. There has been plenty going through my head I want to write about but I can't seem to form the words to make any sense.

The lady here is how I feel..not me though. Just in case you don't know what I look like.

I need a cocktail and some dancing time. I think that will be on the menu this coming weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed and getting back to work now.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go ahead judge me

Sometimes I am that girl...

you know the one walking down the street texting and not paying attention.
The one who looks like she is lost 90% of the time.
I am way behind on all the cool "Lingo", always being picked on for not knowing what the hell someone is saying.
I am the girl that corrects someones grammar when they speak.
When I get really excited I let out a string of "OMG's" and "totally's" that remind everyone that I definitely did not grow up in the city proper.
My Spanish is shitty even though I look like someone who should be able to speak Spanish.
I love love Country music and have no real explanation for this, since I did not grow up in the country.
I get lost in music at the clubs and dance all by myself (especially on couches).
I talk to myself all the time, in the street, in the car, in the shower, at my desk.
I make notes on post-it's then lose the post-it's.
I like to party, hard, and make no apologies for this.
I love strangers, and am way too friendly.
I am that girl that will talk to the ugly old guy at the bar because he makes me laugh.
I smile wayyyy too much for my own good(does this lead to wrinkles?)
I stress about whether or not I will age badly even though my mother looks amazingly like a 25 year old.
I love babies but as soon as they cry I want the parent to take them out of the room.
I love movies and randomly quote from them all the time.
I love food! I would rather go to an expensive dinner than buy new clothes.
I try really hard to follow the newest trends in fashion but more often than not am 3 seasons behind.
I hate not matching my clothes even though all the magazines show that looking like a hobo is in.
I hate tequila, its the devil. Vodka and I have serious fights on a regular basis, I get my ass kicked in 90% of these fights.
I think about sex a little too much for my own sanity (Sorry Mom!)
I think people should not be rude. It's an ugly trait. I may think you are stupid but you will never know because it would be just plain rude to tell you.
I follow crosswalk signs because I am terrified I will get run over.
I curse too much to be considered a lady.
I think Monogamy is a very terrible joke someone came up with in their spare time.
It makes me genuinely sad that I am now too old to audition for "The Real World"
I read a 3-4 books a week, about anything.
Even though I am finally on the right path for school not a day passes where I don't debate if Teaching is the career I really want.
I love taking pictures, I have tons and tons of clue what I will ever do with them either
I think we should all be a little less judgemental...I try my best!
I want a ton more tattoos but don't want to look ridiculous.
I sweat a lot, I feel maybe an abnormal amount but I am told its not.
I hate combing my hair, it sucks!
I am inexplicably terrified of small boats and sharks. I guess this could be blamed on Jaws...but I don't know for sure.
I make a million plans to do things and a vast majority of them never see the light of day.
I want to get married just because I want a big dumb ass wedding...I don't know if I want a husband though.
Sometimes I laugh so hard that I snort and I fear I will pee myself.
I am sure there is much more to share but for now I think sums me up.

Monday, March 21, 2011

What South Beach did to me!

I begrudgingly dragged myself into work this morning directly from the airport. I have not slept since Sunday morning between 7:30-10am. I look like exactly what the cat drags out of the bag, its not a great sight. This is the result of the decision to keep the party going until 3:30am, hop in a cab to the airport at 3:45am and end up in Chicago by 8am. The bruises covering my body are not from a fight(I'm a kind person, I promise!) I have no clue how they got there, the make up on my face is a day old as is the mop of curls jutting out from my achy skull. I can barely feel my toes and the thought of another drop of alcohol makes my liver scream for mercy...I keep nodding off at my desk and occasionally everything goes fuzzy.
BUT guess what?
I was in Miami B**ch!! lol, I will update this later with more about the trip :)

OOkie I am back, running on half empty now instead of none. I had an amazing time! My friends are wonderful really, I am so glad we all decided to go. Coming from all over Chicago, New York, Canada and England together we spent all day on the beach and all night out at the clubs drinking and dancing. I went to bed no earlier than 6am everyday and slept only until 9:30 so I could get up early and get some sun. I am so tanned, its great. I have the dirty look I missed so much back again. We met some fun people down there, Miami is a great place for people watching. If you ever go I highly recommend our hotel the Clevelander. Let me warn you though, the bathroom doors are almost transparent in the rooms so if you are a private person you will not enjoy this. There was a party every night in our hotel and it didn't stop until 6am. We had VIP set up at Mansion & Cameo. I loved Mansion and we got to see Fat Joe perform(BTW no clue he was still alive). Cameo was ok, the VIP section they gave us was not worthy of the $1000 we gave them BUT we all made the best of that situation. There is nothing for me to complain about (except those damn bathroom doors) I ate so much food, love loved Dave's cafe and Lario's! I will definitely be returning to South beach again. Still trying to figure out where those many bruises came from and listening to the other girls tell me their stories and I can't wait to see the photos that will go up soon! Some honorable mentions: My friend K(see previous post) falling asleep in the clubs & restaurants randomly then waking up like it never happened, my friend P(birthday girl) choking all of us and spilling her drink on every single one of us, then not remembering a damn thing, S for fighting with P the whole damn trip and making me laugh because she talked about her butt the whole trip, T the stray from Iowa who provided us with great entertainment at 6am, the naked people on the beach at 5am, D for teaching me "winning" since apparently I am way behind and last but not least all the many beautiful hot men walking around providing ridiculous amounts of eye candy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

South Beach here I come!

Originally this blog was written as a b**ch fest about all the things that have gone wrong with my upcoming trip to Miami. Then my friend, lets call her K, told me she was going to do her best not to complain about things that she agrees to do. Ahhhh yes that is something I should definitely apply to this trip. I chose to go, I chose to book at the hotel we are staying at, I chose to do all of this...therefore I do not get to complain.

In one day and some change I will be heading down to South Beach with a group of 9 other girls. This trip has been one of the hardest to plan of all the trips I've gone on with these girls. There have been days when I couldn't help but think, I don't want to go there anymore I'm changing my flight to somewhere else and telling the ridiculously expensive hotel to go "F" themselves. But, as you can see I just couldn't do that...could you? Wayyy back in late summer last year when our friend sent out the invite for her big birthday celebration in Miami I could not wait, I was so excited. THEN we actually looked at prices, and got the first of many long emails detailing what the promoters had to say about getting into a club in Sobe. Let me just say, that if it was possible I would shove my foot up every last one of their...well you know what I am trying to say. Since we are going during Spring Break time it's expected that to stay in a normally overpriced hotel you will have to pay double the already exorbitant nightly rate. Because most of the girls in this group are well above the 21 year Spring Break time age range it was not an option for us to pile 6 girls in a cheap room and call it a day.

The biggest problem that we had with this trip was we need 3 people to make the room a little less expensive and that 3rd person waited until last week to tell us that she will not be able to join us anymore and we will have to either find a 3rd roommate or pay her portion. Keep in mind, we have been planning this since last summer. I still love her and she has her reasons but that would normally have gotten someone a one-way ticket to "F U" land. Then, for some unexplainable reason this past week I broke out into hives. WHO SAW THAT COMING? Definitely not me! I gave up all the new things I had started doing and am popping Benadryl like candy. I am definitely remaining positive for this one!

BUT like I said before, the time has come. I have 7 different outfits for a 4 night trip because you never know what may or may not work the night of. I finally got a new swimsuit, you know those adorable monokini's that are so fun. I have my carry on(refuse to check my bag) stuffed beyond its normal limits and my beach bag full of all kinds of junk. I am ready for 4 days on the beach with my girls, drinking and tanning and then some all night VIP style parties.

If you have never been on a trip with a group of girls I recommend you do it at least once. As long as you know the girls and can get along you will have an amazing adventure and make tons of memories. I am very excited and the only thing left on my list is to get a mani & pedi...isn't that a great list?? I will be sure to let you all know how it went, maybe finally put some pictures up on this thing!

My Hotel:

South Beach better watch out!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why kids are not for me

First let me just start this by saying that my not wanting kids is not a reflection of how I feel about children or those who have or want kids themselves. That being said, children are just not for me. In this post I will be listing and randomly updated said list with my reasons why I don't want or plan to have children in the future. I think it's hard for people to imagine a woman saying she isn't interested in procreating. Times have changed that is for sure, over the last few years most of my close friends have gotten pregnant and the newer friends that I have made are all mostly not interested in having children themselves. It really is a great mix for me. I love kids, they are adorable little creatures. Babies are so cute and cuddly and toddlers are so much fun to play with. Older kids are fun to talk to and amaze me when they say things you had no idea they would know. I am not a huge fan of teenagers but I think that's more when they are in groups, alone they are not too bad. So as you can see I am not some evil child hating woman.

On the other hand I am a selfish person, and have no qualms about admitting this. My time, space and money are my own. I have enough trouble sharing myself with my boyfriend and eventually a husband. To have children you have to genuinely be ready to give up 18 years of free time, personal space and thousands of dollars. Yea, thanks but no thanks. Oddly enough my decision to not have children has nothing to do with the awful things they do to your body during pregnancy. I can get fat, have stretch marks and issues with my organs all on my own even without getting pregnant. Now that I have given my explanation, please don't bother telling me that I am only 25 and will change my mind because 25 is not that young and I should definitely know if I want kids "in the future by" now. Now for the moment you have all been waiting for...the list!

Reasons why I will not have children:
1. Time, time, time. Once the baby is born you no longer have time...this decreases with their age but still...
2. Money. They cost lots and lots of it, and if you don't have it you will be not have an easy time and if you have lots of it you will still not have an easy time.
35. Kids wake up at an ungodly hour and don't care if you just fell asleep(see #34)
34. Sleep is non existent when they are babies and then as they get older you will be so stressed you can't sleep
46. Traveling with kids is unnecessarily hard. too many bags, strollers, restroom trips, keeping them quiet
45. Traveling for the first few years is next to impossible and if you do then you have to deal with #46
65. Diapers and Potty training. Ewww enough said.
85. They eventually become teenagers and no one wants to deal with a teenager on a daily one
26. Tantrums in public places...not fun.
16. Kids get sick and that involves, fussing, doctors visits, attempts at giving them nasty medicine...
13. Partial responsibility for their failures...
11. The birds and the bee's one ever wants to have this conversation
42. College....
58. Contrary to what you might think when you walk in with your 6 kids, everyone is thinking you needed to watch more tv and stop making babies.

I will be back to add plenty more to this and feel free to send me reasons to add!

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