Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go ahead judge me

Sometimes I am that girl...

you know the one walking down the street texting and not paying attention.
The one who looks like she is lost 90% of the time.
I am way behind on all the cool "Lingo", always being picked on for not knowing what the hell someone is saying.
I am the girl that corrects someones grammar when they speak.
When I get really excited I let out a string of "OMG's" and "totally's" that remind everyone that I definitely did not grow up in the city proper.
My Spanish is shitty even though I look like someone who should be able to speak Spanish.
I love love Country music and have no real explanation for this, since I did not grow up in the country.
I get lost in music at the clubs and dance all by myself (especially on couches).
I talk to myself all the time, in the street, in the car, in the shower, at my desk.
I make notes on post-it's then lose the post-it's.
I like to party, hard, and make no apologies for this.
I love strangers, and am way too friendly.
I am that girl that will talk to the ugly old guy at the bar because he makes me laugh.
I smile wayyyy too much for my own good(does this lead to wrinkles?)
I stress about whether or not I will age badly even though my mother looks amazingly like a 25 year old.
I love babies but as soon as they cry I want the parent to take them out of the room.
I love movies and randomly quote from them all the time.
I love food! I would rather go to an expensive dinner than buy new clothes.
I try really hard to follow the newest trends in fashion but more often than not am 3 seasons behind.
I hate not matching my clothes even though all the magazines show that looking like a hobo is in.
I hate tequila, its the devil. Vodka and I have serious fights on a regular basis, I get my ass kicked in 90% of these fights.
I think about sex a little too much for my own sanity (Sorry Mom!)
I think people should not be rude. It's an ugly trait. I may think you are stupid but you will never know because it would be just plain rude to tell you.
I follow crosswalk signs because I am terrified I will get run over.
I curse too much to be considered a lady.
I think Monogamy is a very terrible joke someone came up with in their spare time.
It makes me genuinely sad that I am now too old to audition for "The Real World"
I read a 3-4 books a week, about anything.
Even though I am finally on the right path for school not a day passes where I don't debate if Teaching is the career I really want.
I love taking pictures, I have tons and tons of clue what I will ever do with them either
I think we should all be a little less judgemental...I try my best!
I want a ton more tattoos but don't want to look ridiculous.
I sweat a lot, I feel maybe an abnormal amount but I am told its not.
I hate combing my hair, it sucks!
I am inexplicably terrified of small boats and sharks. I guess this could be blamed on Jaws...but I don't know for sure.
I make a million plans to do things and a vast majority of them never see the light of day.
I want to get married just because I want a big dumb ass wedding...I don't know if I want a husband though.
Sometimes I laugh so hard that I snort and I fear I will pee myself.
I am sure there is much more to share but for now I think sums me up.

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Monika said...

you sound perfect to me ! love you!

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