Tuesday, March 15, 2011

South Beach here I come!

Originally this blog was written as a b**ch fest about all the things that have gone wrong with my upcoming trip to Miami. Then my friend, lets call her K, told me she was going to do her best not to complain about things that she agrees to do. Ahhhh yes that is something I should definitely apply to this trip. I chose to go, I chose to book at the hotel we are staying at, I chose to do all of this...therefore I do not get to complain.

In one day and some change I will be heading down to South Beach with a group of 9 other girls. This trip has been one of the hardest to plan of all the trips I've gone on with these girls. There have been days when I couldn't help but think, I don't want to go there anymore I'm changing my flight to somewhere else and telling the ridiculously expensive hotel to go "F" themselves. But, as you can see I just couldn't do that...could you? Wayyy back in late summer last year when our friend sent out the invite for her big birthday celebration in Miami I could not wait, I was so excited. THEN we actually looked at prices, and got the first of many long emails detailing what the promoters had to say about getting into a club in Sobe. Let me just say, that if it was possible I would shove my foot up every last one of their...well you know what I am trying to say. Since we are going during Spring Break time it's expected that to stay in a normally overpriced hotel you will have to pay double the already exorbitant nightly rate. Because most of the girls in this group are well above the 21 year Spring Break time age range it was not an option for us to pile 6 girls in a cheap room and call it a day.

The biggest problem that we had with this trip was we need 3 people to make the room a little less expensive and that 3rd person waited until last week to tell us that she will not be able to join us anymore and we will have to either find a 3rd roommate or pay her portion. Keep in mind, we have been planning this since last summer. I still love her and she has her reasons but that would normally have gotten someone a one-way ticket to "F U" land. Then, for some unexplainable reason this past week I broke out into hives. WHO SAW THAT COMING? Definitely not me! I gave up all the new things I had started doing and am popping Benadryl like candy. I am definitely remaining positive for this one!

BUT like I said before, the time has come. I have 7 different outfits for a 4 night trip because you never know what may or may not work the night of. I finally got a new swimsuit, you know those adorable monokini's that are so fun. I have my carry on(refuse to check my bag) stuffed beyond its normal limits and my beach bag full of all kinds of junk. I am ready for 4 days on the beach with my girls, drinking and tanning and then some all night VIP style parties.

If you have never been on a trip with a group of girls I recommend you do it at least once. As long as you know the girls and can get along you will have an amazing adventure and make tons of memories. I am very excited and the only thing left on my list is to get a mani & pedi...isn't that a great list?? I will be sure to let you all know how it went, maybe finally put some pictures up on this thing!

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South Beach better watch out!!

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