Monday, March 21, 2011

What South Beach did to me!

I begrudgingly dragged myself into work this morning directly from the airport. I have not slept since Sunday morning between 7:30-10am. I look like exactly what the cat drags out of the bag, its not a great sight. This is the result of the decision to keep the party going until 3:30am, hop in a cab to the airport at 3:45am and end up in Chicago by 8am. The bruises covering my body are not from a fight(I'm a kind person, I promise!) I have no clue how they got there, the make up on my face is a day old as is the mop of curls jutting out from my achy skull. I can barely feel my toes and the thought of another drop of alcohol makes my liver scream for mercy...I keep nodding off at my desk and occasionally everything goes fuzzy.
BUT guess what?
I was in Miami B**ch!! lol, I will update this later with more about the trip :)

OOkie I am back, running on half empty now instead of none. I had an amazing time! My friends are wonderful really, I am so glad we all decided to go. Coming from all over Chicago, New York, Canada and England together we spent all day on the beach and all night out at the clubs drinking and dancing. I went to bed no earlier than 6am everyday and slept only until 9:30 so I could get up early and get some sun. I am so tanned, its great. I have the dirty look I missed so much back again. We met some fun people down there, Miami is a great place for people watching. If you ever go I highly recommend our hotel the Clevelander. Let me warn you though, the bathroom doors are almost transparent in the rooms so if you are a private person you will not enjoy this. There was a party every night in our hotel and it didn't stop until 6am. We had VIP set up at Mansion & Cameo. I loved Mansion and we got to see Fat Joe perform(BTW no clue he was still alive). Cameo was ok, the VIP section they gave us was not worthy of the $1000 we gave them BUT we all made the best of that situation. There is nothing for me to complain about (except those damn bathroom doors) I ate so much food, love loved Dave's cafe and Lario's! I will definitely be returning to South beach again. Still trying to figure out where those many bruises came from and listening to the other girls tell me their stories and I can't wait to see the photos that will go up soon! Some honorable mentions: My friend K(see previous post) falling asleep in the clubs & restaurants randomly then waking up like it never happened, my friend P(birthday girl) choking all of us and spilling her drink on every single one of us, then not remembering a damn thing, S for fighting with P the whole damn trip and making me laugh because she talked about her butt the whole trip, T the stray from Iowa who provided us with great entertainment at 6am, the naked people on the beach at 5am, D for teaching me "winning" since apparently I am way behind and last but not least all the many beautiful hot men walking around providing ridiculous amounts of eye candy!

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