Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why kids are not for me

First let me just start this by saying that my not wanting kids is not a reflection of how I feel about children or those who have or want kids themselves. That being said, children are just not for me. In this post I will be listing and randomly updated said list with my reasons why I don't want or plan to have children in the future. I think it's hard for people to imagine a woman saying she isn't interested in procreating. Times have changed that is for sure, over the last few years most of my close friends have gotten pregnant and the newer friends that I have made are all mostly not interested in having children themselves. It really is a great mix for me. I love kids, they are adorable little creatures. Babies are so cute and cuddly and toddlers are so much fun to play with. Older kids are fun to talk to and amaze me when they say things you had no idea they would know. I am not a huge fan of teenagers but I think that's more when they are in groups, alone they are not too bad. So as you can see I am not some evil child hating woman.

On the other hand I am a selfish person, and have no qualms about admitting this. My time, space and money are my own. I have enough trouble sharing myself with my boyfriend and eventually a husband. To have children you have to genuinely be ready to give up 18 years of free time, personal space and thousands of dollars. Yea, thanks but no thanks. Oddly enough my decision to not have children has nothing to do with the awful things they do to your body during pregnancy. I can get fat, have stretch marks and issues with my organs all on my own even without getting pregnant. Now that I have given my explanation, please don't bother telling me that I am only 25 and will change my mind because 25 is not that young and I should definitely know if I want kids "in the future by" now. Now for the moment you have all been waiting for...the list!

Reasons why I will not have children:
1. Time, time, time. Once the baby is born you no longer have time...this decreases with their age but still...
2. Money. They cost lots and lots of it, and if you don't have it you will be not have an easy time and if you have lots of it you will still not have an easy time.
35. Kids wake up at an ungodly hour and don't care if you just fell asleep(see #34)
34. Sleep is non existent when they are babies and then as they get older you will be so stressed you can't sleep
46. Traveling with kids is unnecessarily hard. too many bags, strollers, restroom trips, keeping them quiet
45. Traveling for the first few years is next to impossible and if you do then you have to deal with #46
65. Diapers and Potty training. Ewww enough said.
85. They eventually become teenagers and no one wants to deal with a teenager on a daily one
26. Tantrums in public places...not fun.
16. Kids get sick and that involves, fussing, doctors visits, attempts at giving them nasty medicine...
13. Partial responsibility for their failures...
11. The birds and the bee's one ever wants to have this conversation
42. College....
58. Contrary to what you might think when you walk in with your 6 kids, everyone is thinking you needed to watch more tv and stop making babies.

I will be back to add plenty more to this and feel free to send me reasons to add!

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