Friday, April 29, 2011

Romance novels

After a few weeks of reading too many romance/erotic novels I have decided its time to take a break. They have completely shattered my perception of reality. I keep expecting that any minute I will run into this amazingly handsome cowboy(this is because I have major hots for them) who I will fall in love with at first sight then run off and have crazy jungle monkey sex that we will call "making love" and he will be possessive and I will be happy and we will be married and live happily ever after all within a few days.

So yea, I am going to lay off the books for a bit. Plus, I think the scenes in my head inspired by these novels are worthy of the Pay per view channels.

I have decided that I want to write a book..I am sure that it will be borderline romance/erotic with a touch of reality and a pinch of sarcasm. I don't know where I will start but I am going to do it.

So this is my Friday post telling everyone that if you see me reading on my nook, stop me and make sure I am not reading another dirty book. Enough is Enough! And stay tuned because I will be thrilling you all with a story. well, at least attempting to.

Monday, April 25, 2011

My amazing love affair with Google

Yes the title is correct. I have an ongoing love affair with Google. Often times I tend to be on the ditsy side so I am constantly wondering what is going on. Whether this is because I am not functioning on all cylinders or just because I have a million things running through my mind at once is beyond me but its been said that I can have my "blonde moments" no offense to any blonde readers. Either way back to my love of all things Google.

I am known to pick up my phone in the middle of a conversation and google the topic of conversation. The amazing amount of information and plethora of pictures made available makes me feel like a genius. I google everything....EVERYTHING. Where else you just type in "What if" and see the many possibilities of questions that you can ask?

I love being able to type a name of a restaurant into google and find the number to call, reviews, address...whatever I need its at my fingertips. I love that if I mistype something it asks me if I meant _____ (insert correct request)Google is my ultimate affair. I can even google random people that I shouldn't be Internet stalking anyway. (Don't pretend you don't do it)

I am sure I am not the only person out there with this tiny obsession. If Google could provide other services, namely sex, I would actually consider it my lover. For now, I will just continue to google random nonsense on a daily basis.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Huh?! What did you say?

I can't possibly be the last person out there that is so behind on all things pop culture. I feel like I am always the last person to find out the meaning of some new "word" or expression. I often find myself wondering what the hell people are talking about or what the song I just heard on the radio is about.

In a previous post I ranted about music snobs and my dislike for them but I find myself frustrated when I hear a random song on the radio and I can't understand half the lyrics. Or when I come across a guy and he starts talking to me and within seconds I realize that I have no clue what he is saying.

Listen..If I need to pull up The Urban Dictionary on my phone in order to understand you then you better believe I am not interested in what you have to say. Keep this in mind. Especially if you are a guy and trying to hit on me. I speak English and clearly and I still use words that are in the original dictionary. Oh and I even use words with more than two syllables!! oh yes I do!

Don't even get me started on the awful manipulation of the English language that I have to hear and see every day. If one more Facebook friend incorrectly puts there instead of their I will probably have to start deleting people. "Finna" is not a word, taking the letters out of things like "pose" instead of suppose does not make you appear anything more than idiotic. Don't get me wrong occasionally I catch myself using "IDK" or "BTW" but seriously not understanding the use of common words as an adult is ridiculous.

"You do you, Ima do me" ~uhhhh seriously? Do they know what the hell they are saying or does it just sound good so it comes out? Whoever came up with this expression should have his tongue cut out.

This leads me to the whole Why do most Americans only speak one language?
I asked this question on Facebook recently and was given some good responses. Mainly a good percentage of our population can't even speak English correctly. Do we not have an education system for this reason? Come on, it is not ok to encourage your children to talk like the rap videos. Do you think it will help them get a job? I promise you if I went into an interview talking the way they do I would be laughed at.

I know I am rambling....Ahhhh the tragedy that is the manipulation of the English language right now...

Monday, April 18, 2011


Without friends I am not quite sure where I would be. I am the kind of person that needs socializing. I need the flow of conversation or even just having someone else to sit silently with. I know there are people who don't really have many friends and sometimes I wonder how on earth they make it? Don't they get lonely? There have been times when even with plenty of friends I find myself lonely so how does it work for them? The need for socializing and constant companionship has led me to make some not so bright friend choices. I have had the moochers, the ones that put you down, the ones that hold you back, the ones with too much drama, the ones that steal..etc.. I have also had some amazing friendships too. It's sad to see a good friendship fall by the wayside as you get older. When life gets so busy that your only interaction is by text, facebook or email. You know you think about them all the time and promise yourself you will call them but it just doesn't happen.

Making friends after College is so hard. In the real world you can't scoot next to someone and make friends while making fun of the teacher. You can't just walk up to a stranger and say "Hey, you look like you could be fun. Want to be friends?" I wish it was really that easy. After years of dealing with bad friends and flaky people I made it a mission to find some that friends and I did. I met some amazing people. I started these monthly dinners for just women. A way to try some of the amazing restaurants Chicago has to offer and get to meet some new people. I had a list of the type of people I wanted to meet in my head when I started this group.

1. Not crazy
2. Adults-21+(preferably my age or older)
3. working..or at least not broke
4. preferably without kids or enough kids to keep them busy all the time
5. Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun.
6. Not obsessed with their boyfriends
7. No drama, not the type to pick a bar fight or start a fight at all
8. Not a thief...or as listed in #1 not crazy
9. adventurous
10. generally be a good person

I don't think that's a crazy list. I am not asking for supermodels friends or even famous friends. I am not asking for a strict moral code or even one that is extremely loose. Just good people, who can have a good time, don't like to fight and are looking for another good person to be great friends with. Luckily for me out of the 100+ people became part of the group I met 4-5 amazing women. They are fantabulous! I know, I know..not a word. I have had some amazing times with them. It's been three years now and I am realizing that everyone in the group has their own personality. While I may not be the best of friends with every person I love them each for their own qualities.

I can't write a blog about friends without mentioning my best friend. Oddly enough I met him after HS and while attempting my first few years of College. As unlikely as it would have seemed we are going on 8 years as friends and I love him like a brother. I know it sounds crazy when I tell people but he will be my maid of honor and, no I promise you he is not gay. I have had my share of defending our friendship to boyfriends and family members. We've had our moments when without a doubt I could have strangled him but if something is on my mind he is the first person I would go to and know that even in his strange ways of dealing with things he will help me figure out how to fix it all.

As much as I love the friends I have, I don't have just one "Everything" friend. Someone who loves all kinds of music, can do a bar just as easily as a club, will go someplace new with me just because I asked, can do a TV night in pj's as easily as a high heels and LBD night. Most of my friends are into a specific kind of music scene, strictly club type and not the type you can call up and play a board game with. That's OK with me, it's like having a friend for every mood, but now after 3 years I am on the quest to find some "everything" people to add to the mix.

I guess the point of this whole post is just that for some people, myself included, friends are a must. Even the most anti-social of people have to have someone to share their lives with. Maybe your best friend is your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband and that is a great thing. We all need someone to bear witness to our successes and failures however big or small they may be.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ooh man to live

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~ St. Augustine.

What is it that gives me this need to travel? This uncontrollable want to see the world. I can't be happy in Chicago..why? I meet so many people everyday that move here everyday to come live in this beautiful city. So many of my newest friends are transplants from all over the states who have wanted to move here for so long. I can't wait for the day I can say "Goodbye Chicago". It's not just an idea anymore. Its this part of me that feels empty every time I go on a vacation and have to come back. I leave a little part of me every where that I visit hoping that I will return and find it once again.

I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine. ~Cassie Stinnett

I do the day to day and work hard just so that I can have a trip to look forward to. I've contemplated getting a second job so that I can have more money to travel. Some people look at this and think "She just wants to party". That's my fault, the biggest trips I have been on this past few years have been to party. Do not mistake this for a phase. Do not mistake this for a need to party. This is a deep rooted, inexplicable feeling in my heart that tells me that I need it.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindness. ~Mark Twain

I want to see the world. I want to learn why the traditions in certain places are so important. I want to see all the beaches, the mountains, the jungles, the rich, the poor, the food...Ooh the food. I want to see it all. I want to learn the language, the trades that help make their living, I want to climb the pyramids, learn the history. I want to be able to tell someone why they shouldn't hate these people, why they are mistaken, what they don't know that would make them open their eyes. I have a need to live someplace new, to see if what I have here, here in this country, in this state, is as great as we all think it is.

It's in my blood, in my heart. I don't mind spending the rest of my life making it happen.

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