Friday, April 29, 2011

Romance novels

After a few weeks of reading too many romance/erotic novels I have decided its time to take a break. They have completely shattered my perception of reality. I keep expecting that any minute I will run into this amazingly handsome cowboy(this is because I have major hots for them) who I will fall in love with at first sight then run off and have crazy jungle monkey sex that we will call "making love" and he will be possessive and I will be happy and we will be married and live happily ever after all within a few days.

So yea, I am going to lay off the books for a bit. Plus, I think the scenes in my head inspired by these novels are worthy of the Pay per view channels.

I have decided that I want to write a book..I am sure that it will be borderline romance/erotic with a touch of reality and a pinch of sarcasm. I don't know where I will start but I am going to do it.

So this is my Friday post telling everyone that if you see me reading on my nook, stop me and make sure I am not reading another dirty book. Enough is Enough! And stay tuned because I will be thrilling you all with a story. well, at least attempting to.

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