Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Saturday night sexy vibe

Do you ever have a night when you feel like everyone can't keep their eyes off of you?
Is there like a vibe? A sexy, come get me vibe that you can unknowingly give off??

Let me explain:
This past Saturday "the boy" and I attended a coworkers post wedding nuptials party at his apartment. I was dressed cute but I would hardly say sexy. We had a great time and ate far too much inappropriate food for a dieter. My coworkers are hilarious, and unfortunately there was only a keg or hard liquor but no mixers. I decided to take matters into my own hands and just go for shots. Ran out of Vodka? no problem, I'll start with Soco. Ook, back to the point so I had a great time at this event then split ways with "the boy" to join some friends for N's birthday shindig. I was warned by text that this place would probably be a reggae spot as she is a BIG fan. Upon arrival I realize the place is dead. By all accounts this would have been a reasonable point at which to leave but I did not. The night goes on and my friend K shows up. At this point me and T have started dancing and feeling the music. Its hotter than...well it was just too damn hot in the place ok. We start to explore the upstairs and downstairs area...someone out there(supposed owner) offers to buy me and T a shot. the conversation goes like this, as it always does:
Guy: What would you like?
Me: Anything but Tequila Please
Guy: What?!! How about Patron?
Me: Eghhhh
And then we are given two shots of tequila. Yes, tequila. I will follow this post up with why I firmly believe that Tequila is the drink of the devil. LOL.

After this me and K leave and she finds a guy to buy her pizza so I go back, dance, dance. Get choked by P, dance some more. Leave.

So this is where the vibe starts to really kick in. Once we walk out the door to this place I am literally like a walking bombshell. I am feeling sexy but not that sexy and I am getting looks like I am walking around naked. I mean Tall dark and handsome, short and handsome, white, black, Hispanic. You name it. I don't know what it was?! K proceeds to comment on how these men are eyeballing me and how she needs to bring me out. Meanwhile I am frantically searching to make sure my boobs aren't popping out or my kooka isn't showing. What is it?? I wasn't even in a sexy mood!!

Bar 2 after this place and I've got random men walking up to me asking if they can kiss me. This young(maybe 22) guy grabs me:
Random Guy:Can I kiss you?
me: That's what you open with? Really? You can do better than that.
Random Guy: How about a small kiss?
Me: Definitely not happening.

At Bar 3, I get harassed a little more especially by the doorman. Not complaining about those because the men were all high numbers! For those of you that don't understand I mean they were all 7+ on the 1-10 scale. K and I are waiting on drinks at the bar and across from us these guys start to give us the eye. they signal they bought us shots so we head over.
Me: What is it?
Guys: Don't worry about it
Me: Shit. it smells like tequila
Guys: its good
Common sense being out the window, I took the shot. The led to me being in the bathroom puking my entire evenings worth of liquor out. I come back out looking just fine and start to dance with this guy...Let me let any man reading this know it is absolutely not sexy when you can not dance and instead rub your bony hips on me. NOT sexy at all. That was a bust...on to the next.

When we get out the door we are back to the same getting looks and being touched on the hand and arm by men walking by.

It was a great night and I am not complaining but can someone please tell me how to harness this "sexy vibe" so that I can bottle it up for the days when I am feeling bloated and not appealing because that feeling was amazing!

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Not who I will be said...

You always exude the "sexy vibe" Mo, you just have to own it!!

"Choked by P" CLASSIC!!

I can't wait to visit you!

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