Friday, May 6, 2011

What are you doing?

Who knows!

I don't have a clue half the time.

That being said, this was week 3 of tutoring my ABE(adult basic education) student and I am having a blast. While it is not exactly "fun" getting home so late after an 8 hour workday I do feel a nice sense of accomplishment everytime I leave the center.

A bit about my student: He is a 21 year old high school graduate who has a 2nd grade reading level. Big shout-outs to the great teachers & parents that let this kid keep passing without catching the problem. Great news is that he is doing something about it, he wants to be able to read, and get a better job to improve his life. Yay him!! He is showing very small bits of improvement but everytime he does I am so happy for him. He is teaching me to realize how much I take for granted. In a previous post I whined about reading romance novels but I am so thankful that someone(s) out there took the time to make sure I learned how to read.

So that is 2 days of my week, and now that I am done with my TEFL course I am working on finishing up my observation hours. I have to get 20 hours of ESL class observation done in the next 3 weeks because I am the worlds worst procrastinator. Yes, I really am. Either way thanks to my friend Ms.R putting me in touch with a fabulous person I have so places to actually go now. So thats another 2 days of my week. Yep, 4 days a week spent teaching or observing someone else teach. Brain overload!!

Either way I am not complaining as I am finally doing some of the things I really really wanted to do this year! I know not everyone is into teaching but I recommend that everyone find something they love doing and then find a volunteer program that involves it and get involved.

If there is nothing else you take away from this post you should know that helping teach someone how to do something that you love is so rewarding.

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