Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A slap in the face

Weight gain is a progression as is obviously the loss. I have to keep reminding myself of this everytime I get on the scale and don't see any movement. I have been reading a few blogs from people on a weight loss journey and they have photos of themselves and numbers and all that good stuff. I decided to take a trip down memory lane and go back as far as my Facebook photos will allow to see the progression. It was actually pretty disturbing to me to see how I got so big. I like to think I didn't realize it at the time but I think I must have because it was hard to find full body photos of myself from about 2006-2009. Really hard. Everything was waist or chest up and even those were bad. I fluctuate in weight very quickly and that is most likely due to the extreme nature of the dieting I have been doing but just as quickly as I lose those pounds they come right back when I fall off the wagon. I am actually kind of afraid to post what I am about to put here but I know that it will help me keep referring back to this post to keep myself in line.

The first picture I will post is the weight I am actually aiming to get back to. I know it seems ridiculous to hope for your highschool weight but in my senior year I had put on a bit of weight and back then I was traumatized by it but now I think I looked amazing. The last picture is the most recent picture of me in a swimsuit in March of this year.

2003-17 years old

I couldn't find any pictures between 2004 to 2006 but clearly you can see alot changed. I may have been at my heaviest here but I am not sure.


Below (2007)

At some point between 2007 and 2008 I did actually see a scale and I was 198. Not sure if that was heavier than the year before or not but I did actually start to workout at that point.

Between 2008-2009 I worked out occasionally but rarely dieted. I mainted about 175-185 during most of that time.

Below (2009)

Still working out but definitely not dieting I was still in the weight range.

Below(early 2010)

In September of 2009 I started Medifast(see this) and when I started I weighed in at 173. After 6 weeks I was down to 143. Thats the picture below(October 2010)

I did great from October to January and then it went downhill

Below (NYE 2011)

I pretty much gave up on dieting and exercise for 2 months and gained almost half the weight I lost back. A couple weeks before Miami I tried Medifast and had to quit because I broke out in hives(*still not sure if that was from the food) so here is me around 155

March 2011

And this is May 2011...back around 150-155 and fighting it. I have a ways to go to get down to 135 and I am hoping this post helps.

This blog is definitely not dedicated to my journey but it is a big part of my life so I am sure there will be more posts and hopefully they will be with some good news and sexy photos!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

I started this blog with intentions to bitch about something because its Friday and who doesn't love a good rant. But I am actually in a good mood today, this could have to do with the fact that it's just after lunch and I am full. Lunch was amazing by the way...fresh chicken pot pie! ooh yea!

I think this will be a combination of a bunch of things that are going on in my mind today so bare(or is it bear) no its bare with me!

I have spent the last 3 days avoiding doing any real work by reading this blog Writer.Traveler.Tea Drinker it's another of the many blogs I have found while preparing myself to start the adventure of living in China. Whenever that adventure actually decides to take place. Either way, the author is a woman who after years of being settled down and living the boring day to day decided her with her husband they should teach English in China. They were supposed to go for 6 months and 2 years later are still there. I love the blog and it has taught me lots of stuff to be prepared for. If you have nothing but time check it out.

I also have to thank my girl K for about 5 minutes ago she made me laugh and now I will be using the abbreviation HFM= HOT FUCKING MESS to describe any and all behavior that is inexplicable. Thank you darling!! Ooh and if you have time you should check out her blog because she is funny as shit and has some ridiculous things happen to her quite often.

Since I missed "What I am Loving Wednesday" I will tell you the only thing I am loving right now is that USA beat Panama and Mexico beat Honduras and they play each other tomorrow. Ooh yea I am loving that!!

I have been reading ridiculous amounts of blogs this week and so I have found plenty of little things that people are doing on different days. This one Lolita Lemon posted about stuff she is lusting over and let me tell you what I am lusting over right now is a big fat piece of Oreo Cheesecake. I don't want to make one but I do want to go to Cheesecake Factory and sit down with a whole cheesecake, a box of lactaid and a fork and have my way with it.

I am in serious need of a vacation. For those people that keep telling me that I went on a trip in March you need to STFU and realize that we are in June. That is a whole 3 months ago...yes 3 damn months. Anyway, I would like a vacation and preferably to a place that looks like this:

I came across this blog while creeping on K's blog list and she is F'ing hilarious. She says horrendously inappropriate shit and I love it. I am no where near as brave as her but that is probably why she doesn't give out her personal info. Either way Mrs. Pickles is in serious business and I recommend you head over to her blog and laugh your ass off. Let me warn you though, it is not for the faint of heart at all!

Tonight I am going to see my friend R get her sexy belly dance on in a performance. I have yet to see her perform but I have seen those sexy moves on the dance floor and I know she will be beautiful!

I spent one whole evening of my gloriously busy week looking at Halloween costume ideas. Here is the thing the costume has to be fun, sexy and a little bit different. I need one homemade costume and one store bought. Yes I am serious about Halloween, I freaking love any excuse to put on a costume! Anyway, I love that R did a whole body painting thing last year and I may actually do a partial since no one needs to see all my jiggly bits covered in paint, just the best half. I was also tossing around the idea of a slutty Elmo. I know I am terrible person, don't leave your kids around me. Just kidding, well except about the slutty Elmo part. Who knows what will happen. Since I didn't have this blog last year here is the cute homemade costume my friends and I did:

Lets see what other random nonsense is in my mind today....

In case you are blind or new I made some changes to the blog. I am not sure how I feel about these changes yet so if you come back tomorrow, which you had better just because, it may be different again.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lazy days and 5K's

Lets see here is a summary of my weekend:

Get drunk, lay around all day, watch sappy movies & cry, run a 5K, lay around some more.
Yep, that pretty much sums it up all nice and pretty for you. Ok no really it was a good weekend.

The Boy and I are on the outs and have decided that it might be in our best interest if I move back to my old apartment. I am honestly amazed that he has lasted this long living with me without stabbing me in my sleep. We clearly don't work well living together. I am fully aware that I am to blame since every single thing he does makes me want to strangle him. Its apparent that I was not ready to share a living space with a man just yet. Either way we will see how it goes once I am back into my own domain. I am excited to move back to my old roomie, by the way, how lucky am I that I am able to just move back to my old apartment? Score!!

Friday night we celebrated my sister's 24th birthday. She was, of course, late to her own party. As is the custom in my family. It was a good time, lots of dancing and way too much drinking. G, T and I ended the night stuffing ourselves with food in my dining room at 3am. Nothing better than a bacon dog and fries to end the night.
<----(this is not my sister)

On to Saturday where to be honest I am not quite sure I actually left the house...unless taking the dogs out counts?! Does it? Anyway, I tried my best to get The Boy to stay in the house with me but my efforts were fruitless and I was once again left to my own devices. I should have done laundry but instead I laid on the bed and watched ridiculously sad movies for about 6 hours. If you haven't seen "The Stoning of Soraya M" I recommend you do and bring some tissues with. It's on Netflix. I went to bed early since I was running a 5K on Sunday at the butt crack of freaking dawn.

Sunday was a good day. Got up too damn early went to the lake and ran the Rock & Roll Chicago 5K with my family. I thought I was going to die because as you can recall from last weeks posts I as sick all week. I still managed to get across the finish line in a decent, albeit slower time. Got my first medal and probably the last since there is no way in HELL I will probably run anything else that offers a medal. After this we had brunch and hung out at my parents where we spent most of the day in and out of sleep. It was great :) I should mention that my mother has somehow managed to convince me to run a 5K almost every month this year. She must know I love her.

Unfortunately the weekend went by too fast and now were are back to the regularly scheduled programming of work and more work.

Friday, June 17, 2011

F-Off Friday

Well I was supposed to do my "What I am loving Wednesday" but unfortunately this week I don't love an F'ing thing...except maybe myself and I am not all that happy with myself either. I should mention that I am sick and when I become ill my alter ego comes out. She is a mean bitch. This week I could have written about how I was lovingly thinking of cutting a coworkers eyeballs out, or stabbing The Boy in the nuts if he didn't leave me alone.

Anyway, the purpose of "F-OFF Friday" is to give my alter ego her time to shine and tell you the shit that makes her angry. Not that she isn't just plain angry anyway. I am usually a very kind and patient person but sometimes I just want to get a little hood and cut someone. I will try to release some of that anger in a Friday rant about dumb shit that stupid people do.

Todays problem is F'ing manners. A very very serious lack of them.
Listen, I am sick. I feel like utter shit and still I am perfectly capable of coughing into my sleeve and not blowing my nose in your ear, or sneezing into a tissue because its freaking rude. I would appreciate the same courtesy asshole. There is no good reason why you have to cough without covering your mouth on a crowded ass train. That douchebag is probably the reason I got sick to freaking begin with. How about I go to your house and cough all over your shit and see how you like it. Seriously.

If you are waiting for a train and I was clearly there before you do not be the asshole that runs ahead to squeeze into the one spot that you know damn well I should be in. Screw you! You are lucky I don't trip you and let you fall over the ledge.

People who don't say "Thank you" and "Excuse me" should be punched in the face everytime they don't. If I take the extra 2 seconds out of me day to hold the door open for you the least you can do is say thank you, if you don't I contemplate slamming the door into your face. If you need to get by and I am in the way you can say excuse me and I will move, if you push me I contemplate snatching your hair out. See how this works??

There is nothing ok about being condescending to anyone. It is rude and unecessary. Believe me when I tell you that if you are being condscending that I am definitely contemplating some kind of bodily harm.

It really is as simple as being polite and respectful to each other. I know there are some dumb F**ks that will never get it but seriously don't be mad when I am threatening to physically harm you.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yay a blog award

I don't know much about this blog award business but my lovely friend K put me on the list on her blog Lost to Gain so I will try and do something fabulous here. I have to list 7 things about myself. You can't tell from reading this post now but this is a process that will take more than a day!

1. I gave up all caffeinated drinks(coffee, pop, energy drinks) 3 years ago, and since if I have a sip of anything with Caffeine I garuantee there will be some shakey hands to follow.

2. The smell of fresh cut grass turns me on. I have no real explanation for this but I can't deny it either.

3. I became lactose intolerant almost out of nowhere around my 21st birthday and have since experienced the most awful bathroom "incidents" I never care to explain.

4. I have never seen a Star Wars movie, have no interest, I also couldn't sit through more than 30 minutes of Lord of the Rings.

6. I abhor cocky men..I mean literally sit back and listen to them while contemplating ways to kill them with whatever they have on their person. It is not sexy, not even a little bit.

6. I often find myself to be the man in my relationship. No offense to The boy but I don't give a damn about flowers and sweet nothings whispered in my ear, in fact, please don't breathe in my ear like that it grosses me out. I can't stand that romantic nonsense.

7. I attract strange. If there is something wrong with a person either mentally or emotionally they will want to be my friend or date me. I think this may say something about me.

So I am supposed to nominate 7 people for this award but I don't know 7 people in the blogging world and thus can not pay it forward just yet! Here are the few I do know!

1. Mom-Will run for Wine

2. Sis-Sincerely Cyndi

3. Sweetheart Diaries

Yep...thats it for now!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I am loving Wednesday

As I said last week I will be using Wednesdays to post a few things that I am loving. I need to make sure I am positive at least once a week. It is fun thinking of things that I want to put in the post though, makes my day! So lets get on with it....

1. I am loving that it is 95 degrees outside. I am usually not so happy about weather but this year I am embracing the heat.

2. I am loving that I have birthday money to go shopping for some new rompers, which are this summers big love!

3. I am loving my new iPod touch which will soon replace the pointless Ipad2 I received for free 3.(a) I am loving that said IPod touch was free as a birthday gift.

4. I am loving that I get to see some great soccer games in person this Sunday @ Soldier Field

5. I am loving that I thought of a new weekly post for Fridays, one where I will do the opposite of Wednesdays and rant about what pisses me off.

6. I am loving that for once I am less lazy than my dogs and actually looking forward to going for walks in the evenings.

7. I am loving this song, I just can't get enough:

I guess it would appear I am in a loving mood!

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's my party!

Well I had a fabulous birthday weekend! I ate too much cake and drank too much vodka but it was all worth it!

Friday night I went to have sushi with T or should it be A? Ahh she knows I am talking about her! Anyway, went to have sushi and it was delicious, half way through G shows up. Let me mention, I am known for texting him my whereabouts and having him show up. So I was quick to point out it was not me that invited him but it was a fun surprise they planned! It was great to have some qt time with them both.

Saturday was a nice long day that included some shopping, some playing in the yard with the doggies, a nap and then dinner at Kit Kat Lounge. I had originally planned to go to Baton lounge for their drag show but they were sold out for the earlier shows. Kit Kat unfortunately could only seat us outside so we didn't even get to see their drag show but it was still a good time. I didn't particularly enjoy the food but the company was fantastic! Great friends and my parents came out for dinner too! We followed this up by walking over to Wrigley and getting the party started.

I had too many birthday shots and half of too many drinks, I danced my ass off and loved every minute of it! It was abnormally packed in Wrigleyville that night, no clue why though!

Let me tell you something I always experience every birthday...the excuses. It never fails that some friend will make up some lame excuse last minute for why they can't make it out. This year I promised myself I wouldn't let them ruin it and for once I didn't. Not everyone can make it every time and that's normal but when you start making stupid excuses it doesn't make you look any better. I have to remind myself the next time I don't feel like going somewhere not to make up an excuse and just be honest because if I sound as dumb as some of the shit I have heard then I should be embarrassed!

All in all being 26 is not bad so far...but don't tell anyone I said that because as far as everyone knows I just turned 21!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Why I won't be drinking tequila this weekend...

Seeing as it my 26th Birthday tomorrow. Yes, I know how horrifying to finally be on the bad side of 25. But who doesn't really enjoy celebrating a birthday? Well the point of all this is to explain, as previously mentioned, why I will not be drinking Tequila this weekend.

(<--- this photo may not be nice, but it is accurate)
It all goes back to my 21st birthday. My aunt(not really my aunt but somehow related) decided to come over the night before my birthday with a bottle of Jose Cuervo and some cards. We sat around a table, there may have been 4 or 5 of us and proceeded to play what I think may have been Asshole or some similar card game. Needless to say I am a terrible game player(happens everytime) and I paid dearly for it. Within a 2 hour period I had 13 shots of tequila while sitting in the same spot. Let me tell you that if this story sounds a bit vague that is because I can not really recall everything that happened. I know there was an incident while trying to get me to the restroom in which I was dropped and hit my head. I know that I passed out on the floor in the living room with 7 minutes to midnight. These are the things I know about that night. I will tell you something I can recall with perfect clarity, the mother of all hangovers that I had the next two days. I have never, not since, not before, had a hangover quite as bad as that time. Believe me I have had plenty of opportunities to experience hangovers.

That being said, it has been 5 years and I have yet to be able to smell tequila without a nasty feeling in my stomach and recalling the awful feelings I had after. Occasionally, once drunk, I will be dumb enough to take a shot or two of it anyway and I always, and I mean ALWAYS pay the price. So this year on my 26th birthday you can count on the fact that I will be drinking some vodka, or rum, or whiskey but not tequila.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I am loving Wednesday

I stole this from a great blog I keep up with The Sweetheart Diaries; who stole it from this blog check them out if you have time! Apparently its pretty popular since you know, of course, I Googled it.

Basically on Wednesday she takes the time to write what it is she is loving. So I think I will follow suit and be positive for once!!

1. I am loving that I have fun new plans to celebrate my 26th birthday on Saturday.

2. I am loving that it is a short week and in turn friday is coming sooner than expected.

3. I am loving this gorgeous sunny and summery day.

4. I am loving that I will be doing some long overdue Summer shopping this weekend.

5. I am loving that it is my dad's birthday today and I love sharing a birthday week with him!

That's all I have for today but hopefully next time I will have some fun pictures to put with my loves!

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