Friday, June 17, 2011

F-Off Friday

Well I was supposed to do my "What I am loving Wednesday" but unfortunately this week I don't love an F'ing thing...except maybe myself and I am not all that happy with myself either. I should mention that I am sick and when I become ill my alter ego comes out. She is a mean bitch. This week I could have written about how I was lovingly thinking of cutting a coworkers eyeballs out, or stabbing The Boy in the nuts if he didn't leave me alone.

Anyway, the purpose of "F-OFF Friday" is to give my alter ego her time to shine and tell you the shit that makes her angry. Not that she isn't just plain angry anyway. I am usually a very kind and patient person but sometimes I just want to get a little hood and cut someone. I will try to release some of that anger in a Friday rant about dumb shit that stupid people do.

Todays problem is F'ing manners. A very very serious lack of them.
Listen, I am sick. I feel like utter shit and still I am perfectly capable of coughing into my sleeve and not blowing my nose in your ear, or sneezing into a tissue because its freaking rude. I would appreciate the same courtesy asshole. There is no good reason why you have to cough without covering your mouth on a crowded ass train. That douchebag is probably the reason I got sick to freaking begin with. How about I go to your house and cough all over your shit and see how you like it. Seriously.

If you are waiting for a train and I was clearly there before you do not be the asshole that runs ahead to squeeze into the one spot that you know damn well I should be in. Screw you! You are lucky I don't trip you and let you fall over the ledge.

People who don't say "Thank you" and "Excuse me" should be punched in the face everytime they don't. If I take the extra 2 seconds out of me day to hold the door open for you the least you can do is say thank you, if you don't I contemplate slamming the door into your face. If you need to get by and I am in the way you can say excuse me and I will move, if you push me I contemplate snatching your hair out. See how this works??

There is nothing ok about being condescending to anyone. It is rude and unecessary. Believe me when I tell you that if you are being condscending that I am definitely contemplating some kind of bodily harm.

It really is as simple as being polite and respectful to each other. I know there are some dumb F**ks that will never get it but seriously don't be mad when I am threatening to physically harm you.

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Not who I will be said...

I wanted to make a post entitled JUST THIS, considering it's 7:10pm and I'm still at work.

Fuck this Friday right now, fuck it all.

People are crappy in general though when it comes to manners, especially the younger folk. I fear it's just going to get worse :(

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