Monday, June 6, 2011

It's my party!

Well I had a fabulous birthday weekend! I ate too much cake and drank too much vodka but it was all worth it!

Friday night I went to have sushi with T or should it be A? Ahh she knows I am talking about her! Anyway, went to have sushi and it was delicious, half way through G shows up. Let me mention, I am known for texting him my whereabouts and having him show up. So I was quick to point out it was not me that invited him but it was a fun surprise they planned! It was great to have some qt time with them both.

Saturday was a nice long day that included some shopping, some playing in the yard with the doggies, a nap and then dinner at Kit Kat Lounge. I had originally planned to go to Baton lounge for their drag show but they were sold out for the earlier shows. Kit Kat unfortunately could only seat us outside so we didn't even get to see their drag show but it was still a good time. I didn't particularly enjoy the food but the company was fantastic! Great friends and my parents came out for dinner too! We followed this up by walking over to Wrigley and getting the party started.

I had too many birthday shots and half of too many drinks, I danced my ass off and loved every minute of it! It was abnormally packed in Wrigleyville that night, no clue why though!

Let me tell you something I always experience every birthday...the excuses. It never fails that some friend will make up some lame excuse last minute for why they can't make it out. This year I promised myself I wouldn't let them ruin it and for once I didn't. Not everyone can make it every time and that's normal but when you start making stupid excuses it doesn't make you look any better. I have to remind myself the next time I don't feel like going somewhere not to make up an excuse and just be honest because if I sound as dumb as some of the shit I have heard then I should be embarrassed!

All in all being 26 is not bad so far...but don't tell anyone I said that because as far as everyone knows I just turned 21!!

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Monika Feliciano said...

Happy Birthday Pumpkin

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