Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lazy days and 5K's

Lets see here is a summary of my weekend:

Get drunk, lay around all day, watch sappy movies & cry, run a 5K, lay around some more.
Yep, that pretty much sums it up all nice and pretty for you. Ok no really it was a good weekend.

The Boy and I are on the outs and have decided that it might be in our best interest if I move back to my old apartment. I am honestly amazed that he has lasted this long living with me without stabbing me in my sleep. We clearly don't work well living together. I am fully aware that I am to blame since every single thing he does makes me want to strangle him. Its apparent that I was not ready to share a living space with a man just yet. Either way we will see how it goes once I am back into my own domain. I am excited to move back to my old roomie, by the way, how lucky am I that I am able to just move back to my old apartment? Score!!

Friday night we celebrated my sister's 24th birthday. She was, of course, late to her own party. As is the custom in my family. It was a good time, lots of dancing and way too much drinking. G, T and I ended the night stuffing ourselves with food in my dining room at 3am. Nothing better than a bacon dog and fries to end the night.
<----(this is not my sister)

On to Saturday where to be honest I am not quite sure I actually left the house...unless taking the dogs out counts?! Does it? Anyway, I tried my best to get The Boy to stay in the house with me but my efforts were fruitless and I was once again left to my own devices. I should have done laundry but instead I laid on the bed and watched ridiculously sad movies for about 6 hours. If you haven't seen "The Stoning of Soraya M" I recommend you do and bring some tissues with. It's on Netflix. I went to bed early since I was running a 5K on Sunday at the butt crack of freaking dawn.

Sunday was a good day. Got up too damn early went to the lake and ran the Rock & Roll Chicago 5K with my family. I thought I was going to die because as you can recall from last weeks posts I as sick all week. I still managed to get across the finish line in a decent, albeit slower time. Got my first medal and probably the last since there is no way in HELL I will probably run anything else that offers a medal. After this we had brunch and hung out at my parents where we spent most of the day in and out of sleep. It was great :) I should mention that my mother has somehow managed to convince me to run a 5K almost every month this year. She must know I love her.

Unfortunately the weekend went by too fast and now were are back to the regularly scheduled programming of work and more work.


Not who I will be said...

I want to run a 5K with you!
I'm excited you're moving back to your old apartment because now we can stay with you when B and I randomly make our way out there one weekend (soon hopefully)!

Miss you!

lila Check said...

what a fab. post girl!

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