Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I am loving Wednesday

I stole this from a great blog I keep up with The Sweetheart Diaries; who stole it from this blog check them out if you have time! Apparently its pretty popular since you know, of course, I Googled it.

Basically on Wednesday she takes the time to write what it is she is loving. So I think I will follow suit and be positive for once!!

1. I am loving that I have fun new plans to celebrate my 26th birthday on Saturday.

2. I am loving that it is a short week and in turn friday is coming sooner than expected.

3. I am loving this gorgeous sunny and summery day.

4. I am loving that I will be doing some long overdue Summer shopping this weekend.

5. I am loving that it is my dad's birthday today and I love sharing a birthday week with him!

That's all I have for today but hopefully next time I will have some fun pictures to put with my loves!

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