Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I am loving Wednesday

As I said last week I will be using Wednesdays to post a few things that I am loving. I need to make sure I am positive at least once a week. It is fun thinking of things that I want to put in the post though, makes my day! So lets get on with it....

1. I am loving that it is 95 degrees outside. I am usually not so happy about weather but this year I am embracing the heat.

2. I am loving that I have birthday money to go shopping for some new rompers, which are this summers big love!

3. I am loving my new iPod touch which will soon replace the pointless Ipad2 I received for free 3.(a) I am loving that said IPod touch was free as a birthday gift.

4. I am loving that I get to see some great soccer games in person this Sunday @ Soldier Field

5. I am loving that I thought of a new weekly post for Fridays, one where I will do the opposite of Wednesdays and rant about what pisses me off.

6. I am loving that for once I am less lazy than my dogs and actually looking forward to going for walks in the evenings.

7. I am loving this song, I just can't get enough:

I guess it would appear I am in a loving mood!

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Not who I will be said...

Mo! I gave you a blogger award here:

Love yaaaa!

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