Thursday, July 7, 2011

In all seriousness

I know I have been MIA but that is what happens after a terribly rough weekend. Last week was a mess for me and I was just plain old uninspired.

I officially started the move out of The Boy's place and am now living in the pits of hell. I say this because the apartment has no AC and every night I wake up at least 3 times to find myself completely soaked in sweat and feeling like I may have a heat stroke. I am pretty much convinced my brain is slowly starting to fry.

There was ridiculous amount of gossiping going on at work this week. I felt like I was stuck in an episode of Gossip Girl.(yes I did make a GG reference, bite me) You would think that since there are more guys than girls at my job there wouldn't be so much but it never ceases to amaze me how much men go around chatting it up like high school girls. Listen, fess up to your stupid actions and let us all make fun of you for a day or two and then we can move on to the next big thing. Lying and just plain making nonsense up only makes it worse. Either way I was well on my way to being completely over it before it started.

Even though I did swear off alcohol last week Saturday rolled around and I found myself on the way to a premiere for the second episode of
Hank Frisco with all my coworkers.
If you haven't seen it before, watch it now...well after you finish reading this shit. So even on the ride to the bar I told myself I wouldn't drink but when I got there and the doorman asked for my ID and started to tell me about the $25 open bar special till 1am I just handed him the money and put the wristband on. I have no self control, I can't even follow my own self imposed rules. The night was good, I drank ALOT and talked all kinds of mess with my coworkers. With all the "he said, she said"nonsense that was going around on Friday it was great convers
ation material once we were all drunk. The Boy and G stopped by but didn't stay, apparently it was not their scene. Clearly you can see by the time they made it I may not have been running on all the sober cylinders. I didn't do anything to embarass myself and that, my friends, is all that really matters anyway. You should all be very proud of me as I was able to say "No, thank you" when someone bought me a shot of tequila that I did say I didn't want.

Sunday I spent the day at the beach with T, enjoying the weather and burning myself. I am now a nice toasty color. We went to North Ave beach and that was wonderful since there is an extraordinary amount of beautifully sculpted man candy there. We usually go to a beach up north but I think we will definitely be frequenting this one more often.

Now for the Tuesday rant....
I am going to take a moment to just vent about the serious amount stupidity that I have been dealing with over the last week. If one more person asks me a stupid question I can garan-damn-tee there will be insane amounts of violence. I tend to think I am a pretty nice person but that can only go so far.
No, I don't want to send you the same shit I have sent you 3 times already because you are an idiot and can't find it in your emails.
No, I don't care if you are so stupid you can't open and print an excel sheet correctly.
No, I do not want to take the time out of my day to answer your stupid questions when you can just Google that shit.
No, it is not ok for you to call me and ask me for directions because you are a "fucktard" and unable to look that shit up yourself.
No, it is not ok to request me on Facebook if your name is some kind of stupid long ass nonsense that makes you sound like you are some ghetto hoodrat from the south side
No, it is not ok to walk up to me at 7-11, stand way too fucking close and sniff my hair. Seriously. not ok.

That is enough for now, I am actually in a much better mood now that half the day is gone. Enjoy your Tuesday!

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Not who I will be said...

Haha I love you! I am ready to book a flight to Chi next week, I swear. I just wanna seeeeee you!

Boys are worse gossips than girls, I swear.

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