Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Reggae spots are not my friend

Well another weekend has come and gone. I am back and work and have no interest whatsoever in being here. This weekend was a bit of a shit-show but you will all be happy to hear that I can remember everything that happened!

If you recall from last weeks post I took Friday off because The Boy was going to Vegas and I was going to have a staycation at his casa. T asked me if I would be interested in doing something after work. At first there was mention of Zumba(which I love love) but I had to be there to see The Boy off so that was skipped. We agreed to go out to Sub-T for their Thursday night Reggae night. Now I have previously mentioned my love of Jamaica which makes some people think I love reggae but that is not the case. I do like reggae and some dancehall but they are not on the list of the music I listen to daily. I would say it makes an appearance in my life a few hours a week. Back to the point. I do not enjoy frequently reggae spots in Chicago for a few reasons, one more than any: The crowds. For one I do not like being one of 10 non-black people in a club, 2. I do not enjoy being the only person out of that 10 that is not obsessed with reggae and realizes that I am not nor will I ever be Jamaican, or black for that matter.
The problem with the reggae scene in Chicago is that it really isn't that big. Everyone, and I mean everyone knows each other and has slept with at least 2-3(AT LEAST) people that they see on a regular basis and the different reggae nights around the city. Every time I go to a reggae spot I see a lot of the same people and hear about a lot of the same drama. That is not fun for me. here is a side note: if you don't want to be talked about then running through a group of people who are friends is not going to help you. The girls at these places tend to be extremely possessive of men that I have no interest in. Don't get me wrong occasionally I do find some men at these places attractive but if you have seen The Boy it is clear that the men at Reggae spots are not my type.

So now that you are aware of my distaste for most Reggae spots let me tell you about Sub-T and my Thursday night. Thursday in Chicago was hot and I don't mean a little warm. I mean hotter then hell and humid to boot. It was 10pm and still high 80's and feeling hotter. Sub-T is a small place and they tend to pack A LOT of people in there. Let me tell you something about a room that has at least 75 people in it, with barely any air conditioning and lots of people with dreads. Are you gagging yet? Because remembering it is making my stomach turn. The smell was not nice. I was sweating so hard that it was just pouring down my skin like I had just gotten out of the shower. Everywhere you walked someone was sticking to you. I couldn't pass another person without some part of their skin sticking to mine. That is nasty. Just in case you didn't know.

I enjoyed the music, and that is about it. I have a bit of a reggae night stalker that won't leave me alone and when I do finally make an appearance after months guess who was there?? That creeper. Egh. There was a bit of a mess towards the end of the night. One of those crazy girls that we talked about earlier(the possessive stupid kind) thought that my friend T was hitting on her scrawny and not cute Indian man. If you know T you know this is funny because she doesn't want any of that. Anyway, she got a little crazy and there was a bit of a scuffle and somehow I ended up getting thrown out of the club. You know the club that I wasn't a big fan of going to? yep, that's the one. I am generally a nice person and do not condone violence but had she done to me what she did to T she would have caught herself a nasty ass kicking from the first time she got stupid earlier in the night. We ended up leaving and having to go back because I forgot I had a tab open. Fortunately there was no more drama after that we went home.

The rest of the weekend was pretty good. I got a big karmic slap in the ass because I was boasting about going to the beach all week and then it rained. HARD. ALL. WEEKEND. LONG. yep, not one good beach day to be had. The first Friday I take off in 4 months and it rains. I went out again Friday night to nearby bars with T & R and we caught up and had drinks...Saturday I went out with K and we tried some new places to add to the list of fun!

Overall it was a good weekend, except the rain.

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KG said...

My comment got lost in the internet :(

It was about missing you, thinking you're hilarious, being used to being the only non-black person, wanting to dance reggae/dancehall, needing to come to Chicago soon....you get the gist.

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