Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day Six: Six Places

Day 6: Six Places...
  I don't know if this should be 6 places I have been or places I want to go? I think I will do a little of both. I haven't traveled nearly enough so there are plenty of places I want to see so hard to narrow it down.

Place #1: Jamaica
   I  know K did this one too but really once you know. My heart is in this place and my body is stuck in Chicago.

Place #2: Spain
   I have always wanted to go to Spain. I have had so many friends go and I have never heard anyone say they didn't enjoy themselves. Hopefully one day soon I will get to teach there. One day.

Place #3: New York City
  So I have been here before and although I am not sure I could ever live there I did love it. I want to go and will be next month to see K and hopefully catch my girl Snowy.

Place #4: Seattle
   I almost made it there 2 years ago. Almost. I know I will soon. For one I want to see Bruce Lee's grave, 2 I think I would just love it there. 

Place #5: Eygpt
   I am a history buff so any trip where I can see something historic will make my life that much better.

Place #6: This one was hard because I wasn't sure if I should another place I want to go or a place I have been...I went with a place I want...Australia. I have no real explanation for why I would like to go there.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 5: Five Foods

OOooh food. I love love food. Seriously if I could get over this I would probably a very healthy weight but yea that won't be happening. The following are 5 things I can not live without. I may or may not have at least 2-3 of these on a weekly basis.

Food #1: Chocolate chip cookies.
Nothing is better than a warm chocolate chip cookie. well except number 2 but still.

Food #2: Bacon
Seriously. I love bacon and I am always excited to try new things with bacon in it.

Food #3: Sushi
Really I love all Asian food but I do really love sushi

Food #4: Jerk Chicken
I love me some Jerk Chicken. Seriously.

Food #5: Empanadas
I don't know anyone who doesn't love empanadas..unless you dont know what they are!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 4: Four Books

Day Four is pretty easy. I read a lot at least 2-4 books a week a
nd so if I can remember the majority of a book after a few weeks then it was good. Also if I have read it more than 3 times I definitely love it.

Book #1: A Map of the World by Jane Hamilton
I came across this book at used book store and got it because it was $3. I love it, I have probably read it at least 4 times.

Book #2: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
I saw the movie before I read the book but I loved the book more than the movie.

Book #3: Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice
I also saw the movie for this before I read the book and I definitely think the movie does not do the book justice. Just a great book. Anne Rice novels is where my love of Vampires started.

Book #4: Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. Hamilton
I can't say just one of these books, I love them all. They are ridiculously pornographic for a supernatural series but they are all pretty good.

I really wanted to do this on the right days but of course I didn't get near a computer yesterday so I am technically a day behind.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 3: Three Films

This one is so much easier since I know what my top three movies are but I wish it was top 5 because I really love a lot more movies.

Movie #1: Snatch.
I'd give an explanation but if you have seen this movie(for some more than once to understand it all) you probably love it. If you don't, I am not sure we could really be friends.

Movie #2: The Breakfast Club
I absolutely love this movie. I remember the first time I watched it just thinking I couldn't wait to be in High School. I've always tried to figure out which character I am most like.

Movie #3: Wedding Crashers
I love Vince Vaughn, he is hilarious and this movie never ceases to make me laugh. I also quote ridiculous things from it all the time.
Yep, that is about it for now. I can't believe I actually posted on a Saturday.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 2: Two Songs

Since there are no specifications about what kind of songs I will put one newer one I am in love with and an old song that I love.

New Song:
I love this song, if you are ever near my desk you will hate me because it gets played back to back alot.

Old Song:
This song really isn't that old but it is my favorite song. Don't mind the video I couldn't find the official one. I can't hear this song without tearing up and I have no clue why.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 1: 10 Day You Challenge

I stole this from K over at Lost to Gain, because it is cute and I want to do it. No clue if your supposed to do 10 down or 1 up so I will just go with the way she is doing it.

Day 1: A photo of me :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

One bitch, two bitch, three bitch...huh?

So I woke up on the crap side of the bed. It seems that this week Thursday will be my angry day. I have been reading blog posts all day and as it turns out everyone is either also having a shit day or has been having a shit week.

Fortunately for everyone I stopped typing, walked away from the computer and hung out with my coworkers. I spent the last hour of my work day drinking Skinnygirl Sangria and talking with the boys. Skinnygirl Sangria is fantabulous just in case you were wondering, highly recommended but you might want to put some fruit in it!

I went to see Warrior last night with T. I think it was a good movie and if you see it and disagree keep that shit to yourself because I don't want any ridiculous critiques. Anyway, the movie was good and afterwards T and I went and had some drinks & food at Rock Bottom.
It was so great to catch up with her. Can you believe we hadn't seen each other in 2 weeks?! What in the hell is this world coming to? She and I talk everyday while we are at work but still there is something that comes over women when they get together away from boys. That is when the good stuff comes out. I think if anyone had overheard our conversation we would have be locked up for public indecency. Fantastic!

After work a few of us went over to this sandwich/pizza place by my job that apparently has $1 drinks on Tuesdays & Thursdays. I always thought it was just beer but no its cocktails as well. OOh yea so I am blogging after quite a few vodka lemonades. Be amazed at these skills. I managed to make it home in one piece without passing out anywhere or embarrassing myself.

I need a vacation, seriously. I am hoping to go to NY to visit K from Lost to Gain next month and then I will head down to Florida to visit family. I am excited for both trips. I haven't seen K since March when we were in Miami. That is too damn long if you ask me. I want to go to Jamaica again. I know I am probably just saying this because I have been drinking and I miss laying on the red carpet, drinking and baking myself all day and then drinking rum and dancing with Jamaican men all night. But I do want to go so K if you are reading this lets make this happen!!

I was supposed to register for the Hell Run today but I didn't get a chance. I am super excited to do my first run with obstacles. Watch out everyone I am finally getting tough!

Ummm yea I think that is all I wanted to talk about today.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A real love letter

I was going to blog about the last two weeks since I have been MIA and I probably will later today but I wanted to share this. My friend has a great blog I read as often as possible and I have been slacking then he called me today and told me check out some of his latest stuff. Talk about venting. I wanted to share this with everyone because this is one of the things I love about blogging is being able to let it all out in a creative manner for the world to see. Say what you have to say and let the world take it how they please.

So if you have time check out this post on Living Vicariously.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I know I have been a shitty blogger the last two weeks. I have been having a mental crisis similar to the one I had last year around this time. It's that time of year when school is supposed to start and I once again have to decide what I want to do with my life.

Friday the 5th I went to an industry block party with my coworkers and it was pretty good time. I made the mistake of drinking just about anything put in front of me so it kind of went like this vodka, beer, wine, beer, whiskey, wine, beer, vodka. Clearly I was drunk and some genius part of me decided to just leave without telling anyone. I actually managed to get on the train, switch trains and make it my stop without hurting myself before I realized my keys were in my coworkers purse. I turned around made the trip and walk back and got my keys and then went home. I woke up with a mother all hangovers the next day. Horrendous, I spent the whole damn day in bed and only left the house for an hour.

This past week I did the usual work stuff. On Thursday I went to my first Meetup for 20-30 something women. My frie
nd K over at Lost to Gain told me about a meetup she went to and I finally gained the courage to go to one. I asked redhead to go with me. It actually was a great time, we went to this place Shanghai Terrace at the Peninsula Hotel in downtown. There was a group of about 15-20 women and we sat on the terrace. The drinks were fantastic, I had this one called a Zodiac and I am in love! Definitely going to try this place again with one or two people so I can actually have the food since I love love all Asian food. Anyway since we didn't get food redhead, this other girl and I walked over to Cantina for some grub. All in all it was a great night and I am so glad I finally made it to a meet-up, I will definitely do it again.
Friday night was great! I went with redhead, Kat & her sister down to Hubbard st to the bars. I've wanted to try out this place Epic for awhile now, it was too late to check out their rooftop bar since stupid Chicago has a midnight shutdown for outdoor patios. Anyway, we waited in line for about 15 minutes and managed to see at least 5-6 guys pay at least $80 to get in and then stroll in for free...I love being a woman! The place was fantastic and once the crowd started thinning out we decided to walk over to a club. That being our 4th stop for the night and it was an all asian crowd...that always happens to me. After that Kat & her sis split so redhead and I kept the party going. We went to another place but they were charging $20 at the door at 2am and we weren't having that so we went to another and partied there for a bit. On our way to Mcdonalds we passed the 4th stop and somehow got sucked into a conversation with some guys standing outside. basically it went something like this:

Guy #1: I am from St. Louis and the Cubs F'ing suck.
Me: Ummm yea you are not helping yourself right now, I'm a Cubs fan
Guy#2: Sox are better, F the Cubs
Me: Who was talking to you? Walk away fool
Guy#1: I also don't eat pork
Me: What the fuck. No seriously, I love bacon. Like if I could have sex & bacon together I would die happy.
Guy#2: Wow, I think your awesome
Me: Uhh yea I know, but seriously though not eating bacon and hating the Cubs puts you on my shit list. Bacon is a seriously important part of my life

Ummmm what the hell is wrong with me?! We ended up going back inside to have some drinks with those guys and then finally made our way to McDonalds. I finally made it home around 5am.

Saturday was another lazy day...I only left my aparment and bed to go to the boyfriends house and bed. I am currently watching Rescue Me from the first season so I spent all day doing that.

Sunday my parents, brother and aunt ran the Rock & Roll Half Marathon. It was a yucky rainy day but they did a great job. It was a first for my brother and aunt which was great! They ran it way faster than I thought they would and I am very proud of them!

Monday, August 1, 2011

So apparently I am a pimp

Not really. Well actually I kind of am. Let me explain. As I have said before my best friend is a guy. Well G is known for hitting on my friends and any new girls that I might bring around. I have grown used to this, although sometimes he still manages to surprise me. Back when I started that group that goes to dinner he was all about me bringing these girls out so he could meet some of them. Once the group pared down to the small 6-7 of us that hang out on a constant basis he decided he should make nice with them.

The reason I am sharing this information is that it seems that over the years I have become like a mini pimp. I am, of course, the first to encourage any friend of mine to follow their instincts and do whatever or whoever will make them happy. This tends to lead to the inevitable friends hooking up thing. I don't mind it, it always provides me with something snicker about for at least a few weeks. The problem is that sometimes I just want to be able to bring a new girl out with my friends and not have to feel like I brought Bambi to the lion's den. I don't mind when G does it anymore, also because once most girls get to know him they see he is a bad boy and should steer clear and because if I don't say something one of the other girls is bound to. There was this one time.....

We all went out for my bday this year and there was a cock-blocking incident in which one girl may or may not have told the new girl that G has spyhilis. While this is not true it is not any less funny to me. He will never live this down, it is now a constant joke. How do you come back from that really? Poor new girl probably thought we were all nuts. We are all a little crazy, because crazy attracts more of the same.

Anyway, the point of us this was that G also brings out new boys to party and they tend to be very similar in predator status. After this weekends antics celebrating G's old man birthday I have decided I am over providing fresh new meat for the lions. I want to be able to bring a new friend out without her telling me that I have a bunch of predator guy friends. I am not sure how I will make this happen since I can't bring myself to be a cockblock and start telling people they all have syphilis. Although, that would be hilarious if I did. I've thought about it long and hard and I just can't. So for now I will probably just keep bringing the new girls out and and telling the boys to leave them alone.

I should end this by saying that there is nothing wrong with any of the boys and they don't have any kind of STD's.

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