Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 3: Three Films

This one is so much easier since I know what my top three movies are but I wish it was top 5 because I really love a lot more movies.

Movie #1: Snatch.
I'd give an explanation but if you have seen this movie(for some more than once to understand it all) you probably love it. If you don't, I am not sure we could really be friends.

Movie #2: The Breakfast Club
I absolutely love this movie. I remember the first time I watched it just thinking I couldn't wait to be in High School. I've always tried to figure out which character I am most like.

Movie #3: Wedding Crashers
I love Vince Vaughn, he is hilarious and this movie never ceases to make me laugh. I also quote ridiculous things from it all the time.
Yep, that is about it for now. I can't believe I actually posted on a Saturday.

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