Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 4: Four Books

Day Four is pretty easy. I read a lot at least 2-4 books a week a
nd so if I can remember the majority of a book after a few weeks then it was good. Also if I have read it more than 3 times I definitely love it.

Book #1: A Map of the World by Jane Hamilton
I came across this book at used book store and got it because it was $3. I love it, I have probably read it at least 4 times.

Book #2: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
I saw the movie before I read the book but I loved the book more than the movie.

Book #3: Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice
I also saw the movie for this before I read the book and I definitely think the movie does not do the book justice. Just a great book. Anne Rice novels is where my love of Vampires started.

Book #4: Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. Hamilton
I can't say just one of these books, I love them all. They are ridiculously pornographic for a supernatural series but they are all pretty good.

I really wanted to do this on the right days but of course I didn't get near a computer yesterday so I am technically a day behind.

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KG said...

OMG! I didn't know you were into the Anita Blake Series!!!! Ugh I love Laurell K. Hamilton. I should've known!

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