Friday, August 12, 2011

I know I have been a shitty blogger the last two weeks. I have been having a mental crisis similar to the one I had last year around this time. It's that time of year when school is supposed to start and I once again have to decide what I want to do with my life.

Friday the 5th I went to an industry block party with my coworkers and it was pretty good time. I made the mistake of drinking just about anything put in front of me so it kind of went like this vodka, beer, wine, beer, whiskey, wine, beer, vodka. Clearly I was drunk and some genius part of me decided to just leave without telling anyone. I actually managed to get on the train, switch trains and make it my stop without hurting myself before I realized my keys were in my coworkers purse. I turned around made the trip and walk back and got my keys and then went home. I woke up with a mother all hangovers the next day. Horrendous, I spent the whole damn day in bed and only left the house for an hour.

This past week I did the usual work stuff. On Thursday I went to my first Meetup for 20-30 something women. My frie
nd K over at Lost to Gain told me about a meetup she went to and I finally gained the courage to go to one. I asked redhead to go with me. It actually was a great time, we went to this place Shanghai Terrace at the Peninsula Hotel in downtown. There was a group of about 15-20 women and we sat on the terrace. The drinks were fantastic, I had this one called a Zodiac and I am in love! Definitely going to try this place again with one or two people so I can actually have the food since I love love all Asian food. Anyway since we didn't get food redhead, this other girl and I walked over to Cantina for some grub. All in all it was a great night and I am so glad I finally made it to a meet-up, I will definitely do it again.
Friday night was great! I went with redhead, Kat & her sister down to Hubbard st to the bars. I've wanted to try out this place Epic for awhile now, it was too late to check out their rooftop bar since stupid Chicago has a midnight shutdown for outdoor patios. Anyway, we waited in line for about 15 minutes and managed to see at least 5-6 guys pay at least $80 to get in and then stroll in for free...I love being a woman! The place was fantastic and once the crowd started thinning out we decided to walk over to a club. That being our 4th stop for the night and it was an all asian crowd...that always happens to me. After that Kat & her sis split so redhead and I kept the party going. We went to another place but they were charging $20 at the door at 2am and we weren't having that so we went to another and partied there for a bit. On our way to Mcdonalds we passed the 4th stop and somehow got sucked into a conversation with some guys standing outside. basically it went something like this:

Guy #1: I am from St. Louis and the Cubs F'ing suck.
Me: Ummm yea you are not helping yourself right now, I'm a Cubs fan
Guy#2: Sox are better, F the Cubs
Me: Who was talking to you? Walk away fool
Guy#1: I also don't eat pork
Me: What the fuck. No seriously, I love bacon. Like if I could have sex & bacon together I would die happy.
Guy#2: Wow, I think your awesome
Me: Uhh yea I know, but seriously though not eating bacon and hating the Cubs puts you on my shit list. Bacon is a seriously important part of my life

Ummmm what the hell is wrong with me?! We ended up going back inside to have some drinks with those guys and then finally made our way to McDonalds. I finally made it home around 5am.

Saturday was another lazy day...I only left my aparment and bed to go to the boyfriends house and bed. I am currently watching Rescue Me from the first season so I spent all day doing that.

Sunday my parents, brother and aunt ran the Rock & Roll Half Marathon. It was a yucky rainy day but they did a great job. It was a first for my brother and aunt which was great! They ran it way faster than I thought they would and I am very proud of them!

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