Friday, September 2, 2011

Day Eight: Eight Fears

OOoh the horror of it all...

It is much easier to come up with 8 fears no matter how ridiculous they are then it was to come up with 7 wants. How does that even make sense??

Fear #1: Dying by Shark attack.
         I know this seems completely ridiculous but I am really convinced that at some point in my life I will be involved in a shark attack and die. It has not completely paralyzed me enough to not get into the ocean but I won't get in past my waist.

Fear #2: Centipedes.
    I can handle just about any kind of bug but centipedes make me scream like a girl and run. I don't really know why but I can't come across one without freaking out and literally feeling sick to my stomach. Just looking at the picture makes me gag a little.

Fear #3: Failure
  Terrified I will not do anything with my life and end up a depressed old cat lady. I still can't figure out what I want to do with my life so that leads into thinking I will fail at life.

Fear #4: Not getting married
   This seems like a stupid fear but really I wonder all the time if I am ever going to get married. The idea of a wedding is exciting and I would love to have one but the idea of spending the rest of my life with someone and no one else terrifies me. I am really hoping one day that changes otherwise as I said in the 3rd fear I could end up a depressed old cat lady.

Fear #5: The nasty feeling in the pit of your stomach when your on a roller coaster.
   This is feeling scares me out of riding roller coasters or doing anything that involves a big drop because I am terrified that I will puke on myself or someone else.

Fear #6: Doing something embarrassing in front of my family or friends
   This is not your average I am a drunk fool embarrassing stuff. I am talking shitting, pissing myself, waking up naked in a puddle of vomit on a street corner type stuff.

Fear #7: Disposal of my perversion after I die
   This is another one of those irrational fears but sometimes I think to myself "What if I die today, who is going get rid of all my perverted shit so my parents don't see it?" I don't want to be thinking about this kind of thing but it is serious. I told G as my best friend its his duty to go in and get rid of it but what if we die in the same crazy accident or something?

Fear #8: Kids.
   I've said previously how I do not have any interest in having children. So naturally I am terrified that a few things related to kids will happen to me. 1. I will fall in love with a man that wants kids(The boy recently scared me a bit with this)  2. I will get pregnant and have an attack of conscience and have a kid I didn't really want 3. I will get struck by baby fever when my friends start having kids and decide to have one and regret all that nonsense too.

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BiggerInJapan said...

centipedes... had a really big one in my bathtub last night... hate those fuckers!

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