Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day Nine: Nine Loves

Love #1: My Family & The Boy
  My family is seriously amazing. I don't know how better to put it. They drive me crazy and make me so happy all in a matter of seconds. The Boy is love :)

Love #2: My Friends
  I have some pretty fantastic friends. They are such a diverse group of people and they make me very happy :)
I can't seem to find a picture with all of them but you get the idea...

Love #3: Reading
  I use reading as my escape from the world. If I am stressed or just need a break I bury my nose in a book and don't come up until I am done. One day I hope to have a home big enough for a room full of books.

Love #4: Music/Concerts
  This always seems like a generic answer but really I love music I can find a song for any mood. If I am having a bad day a good song can change that fast. I love concerts. LOVE them.

Love #5: Food
   Ooh man I swear inside this chunky girl lives a 300 pound kid that can eat. I think about food all the damn time and that is why I will probably never be thin again. I workout so I can eat, I skip things sometimes just because I know that I would rather go eat. If we are going to hang out there had better be some food involved.

Love #6: The Internet
   I would really like to know what I did with my life before the internet. I know I must have occupied my time somehow.

Love #7: My fave TV Shows
  I love Grey's Anatomy, Dexter, Jersey Shore, True Blood, Shameless...the list goes on.
Love #8: Travel
  I mean this pretty obvious from previous posts. There is still so much traveling I want to do.

Love #9: Baking
  I don't really know if this falls under the food category but the actual baking process is something I really love. I love finding new recipes and trying them out. I love when I can quickly throw something together and it comes out better than the recipe I try so hard to get right another day.


KG said...

And your friends love you too!

I love all of these things as well, including your family...and maybe the boy?

Tiffani said...

We are just a like on 3-9! Sometimes I bake just simply because I'm bored and I love it!

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