Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day Seven: Seven wants

Seven wants: It will probably take me all day to write this post. There are a million things I want, material and otherwise.

Want #1: To be living in a place other than Chicago. Right now this is not possible because of some circumstances out of my control but as soon as it is I am leaving. I have several fears about this that I guess I will cover tomorrow but I definitely can not wait for it to happen.

Want #2: Money to travel. I don't want money for material things I want money to travel. Lots of it and lots of traveling. I seriously consider getting a 2nd job at least once a week just to have money to travel but then I would never have the time to do that.

Want #3: To know the future...
I guess this seems like a stupid desire since it is not really possible but I would just like to know what is in store for me.

Want #4: Super powers...I don't know which one in particular I would want the most but it would be pretty awesome to have some kind of super power

Want #5: Super model actually I don't think I need  super model body but I would love to be more fit and maybe not have such a bubble butt. I know most women would kill for it but I would kill to fit into regular jeans without a Beyonce booty thing going on.

Want #6: Harem of men all to myself. This is kind of a joke and kind of not. The Boy would not appreciate this but lets be real here, if I could have a group of men on call and not have to deal with any of their nonsense I would have it set up right away.

Want #7: Happiness. Whatever way it comes. I don't care if it means I am broke living in a cardboard box as long as I am happy.

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