Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ooh the horror!

I've been a bad bad bloggy girl. I have had the most intensely packed last few weeks. I amazed myself at my ability to drink so much and still make it to work and out and about the last few weeks.

I went to a bbq for some coworkers, I made some sangria. Well this sangria I made along with X amount of vodka shots led to me actually passing out at the party. One minute rambling on in spanish about who knows what and the next I am sleeping sitting upright. The Boy had to fireman carry me out of the party and home where I unfortunately puked all over the house, him and myself. I woke up around 4am covered in puke and wondering how the hell I got home. That was the first blackout I have had since 21 so I am thinking it had to be a bad one. Of course it took me almost a week to recover and before I could even smell liquor without gagging. I think for almost 4 days I smelled vomit on everything and was convinced there was still some in my hair even after about 10 showers. I swore never to drink again.....

This is the only picture I have from the BBQ and I don't even remember taking it.

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