Friday, September 16, 2011

Some random Friday fun

Yes baby it is finally Friday. I was just thinking to myself I would like there to be a day that I don't wake up on a Monday counting down the hours till the weekend.

Last night I went for drinks & tapas with the girls and it was delicious and a good time.We tried this new place Meze, unfortunately online it said they had these great Happy Hour deals but once we got there that was not the case.  Bellydancer and I decided to venture to the Adult shop not too far from the restaurant. I got a few fun new things to add to the treasure box. She and I sat in the car and talked about our lives and relationships for about an hour. I love it when you just end up sitting there talking and don't realize when an hour has gone by. 
Spicy sausages w/a tomato sauce
This past weekend I went to a wedding for a friend I met right after Highschool. I met him at the same time I met the bestie G we are not nearly as close, shit I didn't even know he had a girlfriend all that time. Anyway, it was a beautiful wedding. I wore a grown up girl dress and I like to think I looked fabulous. I had been to an Indian wedding only once before but it was great then and great this time as well. I am now convinced I should buy a Sari just to have! They had a photobooth at the reception too! I absolutely love weddings, always have.

My parents have been in Hawaii for a week now and for 1. I am extremely jealous and B. My mom is missing us like crazy and ready to come home so that is what happens when you leave the kiddies at home!
I baked the hell out of some Oat meal Chocolate Chip cookies and some brownies this week. I will post the recipes in a separate post sometime this weekend but my younger brother helped me with the brownies so that was a lot of fun.
 Making a mess is his specialty. 
how can anyone say no to that face? 

That is all I have for now. If I figure out something else I need to say I will just come back 

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