Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Rambles

Well I can't think of an exact theme for today so it might just be a jumble of nonsense otherwise known as a ramble?

1. I just bought 3 tickets to the Breaking Dawn midnight premiere for next week. My younger brother and sister will be joining me while I drool over the sexiness that is Taylor Lautner. By the by I just read that he is actually legally old enough for me to have these thoughts about him now. I try hard not to think about him being born after 1990(it makes me cringe a bit)

I might have shared this before but just in case.

2. I have officially begun my round the clock Christmas music listening. Today I got to hear Michael Buble tell me how he wants me for Xmas and then unfortunately I was subjected to a new Justin Beiber Xmas song. I know that this will keep happening since I listen to the local radio station. If you have Iheart Radio listen to 93.9  all Christmas music straight till the Holiday itself.

3. I have made it a point to avoid Pinterest today...though now that I have written this it is likely I will go on there and spend the rest of my day not working.

4. I saw this and well...I just had to share. I am a big fan of Mad Men

5. I am convinced now that I have joined the single girl world and have #singlegirlproblems that I am going to attract all the psychos, weirdos, and all together crazies in the greater Chicagoland area. Terrified.

I think that may be it for now...

No I tried to dress myself like an outfit I saw on Pinterest...don't laugh this picture is not so great.

Anyway...that really is it for now :) Enjoy the weekend!!

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Erica Marie said...

I've never watched 'Mad Men' but I simply LOVE the graphic LOL, so much I had to post it on fb hahaa :)

P.S. I think it's a very cute outfit, and a cute picture

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