Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Blog Challenge

I decided to join up with this fun blog Challenge. I still have to do a quick recap of my holiday weekend but trust me it wasn't that interesting! Check out Neely's blog and link up with me! I am a day behind but Day two is:
 Favorite Holiday Tradition New or Old 

My absolute favorite holiday memory is opening the gifts on Christmas morning. We all know that a certain someone does not really exist now but that doesn't stop us from opening presents in the morning every year. When it was just my sister and I we would get up very very early and drag my parents to the living room. When my younger brother was born he would force us all up and drag us to the living room and now that my nephew is around they both get up ridiculously early and drag us to the living room. I am 26 now but every year I go to my parents and spend the night, wear some cute pajamas and prepare myself to get up seriously early to open up presents that I usually helped my mom wrap. I don't know where I will be in the next few years but I hope to always be there Christmas morning to wake up with my family. 

I think this is Xmas 2009

Yes that is me believe it or not

Link up so I can learn some fun Holiday things about you! 

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