Thursday, November 3, 2011

Its Ok Thursday

-That every morning this week I have spent the first hour of my workday playing on Facebook 
-That my legs are so sore I can barely move them because I finally got back in the gym after 6 weeks
-That my toenails look wretched because the polish is peeling and I am too lazy 
-To watch a youtube video a million times because it makes you laugh so hard 
-To be ready to decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas on the 1st of November
-To be seriously planning my first NYE party this early 
-To be obsessed with Mad Men and watch episode after episode back to back 
-To wear a dress and skirt this week even in the cold because I dislike pants so much
-To have listened to "Let me Sign" on repeat after reading Marcy's post today
-That I have been reading blogs like crazy loving everyone's Halloween posts
-To be dying to bake something but trying to diet at the same time
-That I am so excited for this weekend because I have nothing planned

That's all for now! 

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