Thursday, November 10, 2011

Its Ok

Its that time again! I love Its Ok Thursdays :) 

-That I have not even started any real work today because I am reading everyone's Its Ok posts
-To have started the Christmas music playing since it snowed in Chicago
-That I went shopping last night with 2 pictures from Pinterest trying to match up what I wanted
-That I had to stream the Country Music Awards on my laptop last night just to watch them
-That I have played "Remind Me"  a million times since 
-To wish I lived in a city that was warmer this time of year 
-To have spent half the day on Pinterest
-That I saw The Boy today and it led to about an hours worth of tears
-That I have no big plans for this weekend and I am happy about it 
-To want to start putting up Christmas decorations already
-To be looking at new apartments all the time because I want to be able to live with my doggy
-To be excited for Sunday because I need hugs from my nephew 
-To promise myself I will get back on a sensible eating plan right after I finish this cookie
-That I love/hate K for sending me some delicious cookies in the mail

Send me a link to your Its Ok post :) 


Marybeth said...

VERY amazing list! :) Love it! Isn't Pinterest so addicting? Oh man. I love your first one, so funny!

Found you at the link party! Come check mine out!

KG said...

You're welcome.

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