Thursday, November 17, 2011

Its Ok

Its that time again! I love Its Ok Thursdays!! 

-To have stayed home yesterday and watched almost a whole season of Mad Men(I was legitimately ill) 
-To have stalked my ebay purchase until it finally said cleared and shipped
-To be so sad that my coat won't be here until December though
-That I have no idea what I am getting anyone for Christmas
-That I have not started any of said Christmas shopping
-To be dying to decorate for Christmas but trying so hard to wait until Thanksgiving
-That I plan to go out for Black Wednesday and I have to run a 5K at 8am
-That even though  I have been planning to run that 5K I just registered today
-That plans for mine & my roomies NYE party are well underway 
-To be so excited to go see Breaking Dawn at midnight tonight
-That I am not ashamed of this fact(see above) 
-That I will spend a least an hour reading "Its Ok" posts and following new blogs today
-To have to break my plans for Friday night because I will be so exhausted from staying up tonight
-That I am finally starting to tweet more thanks to TweetDeck 
-To be so excited for my thigh high colorful tights coming in the mail today
-To hate wearing pants, even in the winter (see above) 

OOk, although I can probably go on forever that is all for today! 


Holly said...

I'm totally with you on the decorating thing haha. I'm trying to hold out for one more week but I'm getting soo anxious.

And I'm always stalking my ebay and online purchases. I check the shipping tracker 100 times a day til the package arrives haha.

Miss Sassy Pants said...

I am right there with you about the Christmas decorations... I want to Christmas crazy, but I feel obligated to wait for another week. =)

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