Monday, November 7, 2011

Men...and alcohol

I had a conversation with a friend today about men...actually I had a few conversations about men today. I think it might have been in the air. Back to my point, most women, myself included are attracted to the wrong kinds of men. The bad boys, the losers, the degenerate gamblers, liars, pricks, cheaters, broke ass fuckers, ooh sorry that last one was just mean. Even though we know these men are bad for us we still find ourselves wrapped up in a blanket crying over them like spilled milk. Men, my friends, are like alcohol.

Now if you have a relationship with alcohol similar to mine you will understand. If you don't, well you should still freaking get it.

Alcohol is bad. It is bad for you in small quantities, it is bad for you in large quantities. You shouldn't drink it everyday because well the reality is that is damaging to your body and overall health. We know this right? Its told to us as children, there is a legal drinking age for the stupidity that comes with alcohol consumption. If you are a responsible adult they say you can have alcohol and still be "responsible". That is bullshit too since it will still kill you. Yea, you heard me even those responsible assholes that have 1 glass of wine with dinner and not the whole bottle plus some can die from cirrhosis of the liver ooh and they can still be hit by the drunk driving asshole that had the whole bottle plus some.

Anyway, I digress. The point of all of this was that Men are like alcohol. Particularly bad men. The ones you shouldn't marry or get pregnant by. They are bad for you in small quantities, in large quantities, if you have them every once in a while or every day. They are damaging to your overall health as well. Mentally they drop kick you in the brain and leave you kind of emotionally stupid. If you are lucky they don't give you an STD or knock you up with a kid they don't want or beat you. But like I said, they do damage you.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Because it just feels so good. Something about alcohol(duh scientifically we know the reason behind it) but something...that warm fuzzy feeling, the lightheaded giddiness. It just feels so fantastic and you can't help but keep it going. And then...well then you have too much of it and well we have all had one bad hangover at some point in our lives. Same thing with a bad man. Something about him (again there is a scientific explanation) but something about him when he is around or touching you gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, that lightheaded giddiness. And then...well when he does something that makes you realize he is bad like for example; tells you he is married, cheats on you, steals all your money and disappears, lies about anything.(these are all examples from research of course) and you wake up with this horrendous hangover that leaves you feeling like you took a sledgehammer to the knees.

Basically bad men and alcohol are shitty for you. If you can step away and get into rehab, if you can't well...your fucked. 

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Anonymous said...

My advice is, learn how to be attracted to men who are GOOD for you

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