Monday, November 14, 2011

My healthy lifestyle contract

I've been making some poor decisions  lately and the main one has been taking care of my own health. I was very vigilant and working really hard for a long time on weight loss and becoming a healthier person and then I life get in the way. I want to take back my control. I don't just want to lose weight, though anyone knows that is a great result but I want to be healthier. I want to make smart decisions about what is going into my body. So this is my healthy lifestyle commitment to myself.
Wish me luck!! 

I ,  Monica  , hereby agree and commit to take the following steps to improve my accountability to myself and increase my chances for weight loss success:
  1. I will not let one small slip-up convince me that I'm stupid, worthless, or a lost cause. I will respect myself by refusing to engage in verbal self-abuse, and I will find positive ways to comfort and support myself when I’m having a hard time.  
  2. I will not sacrifice my own needs to make other people happy, or do for them what they can and should be doing for themselves. When there is a conflict between my exercise and eating plans and what other people want me to do, I will negotiate to find a reasonable solution that allows me to do what I need to do for myself. 
  3. I will remember that I do not need to exercise simply to indulge myself but rather to have a healthier and more fit body. I will not allow myself to be discouraged by what I think I "can't" do but rather set goals to break down those obstacles. 
  4. In conjunction with #3 I will set reasonable goals and plan ways to attain them in a healthy way. 
  5. I choose to be in charge of my own decisions and behavior. I will not talk, think, or act as if my partner, child, spouse, cravings, or subconscious made me do it. I will ask myself what’s most important to me at that moment and make my decision. If I don’t like the consequences, I will try something different the next time.
  6. I will not engage in anymore crash diets in a need for immediate results but rather make lifestyle changes so that I can see long-term success rather than instant gratification.
This contract is being made for myself, for my own personal growth and my only reward will be a healthier lifestyle. 



KG said...

I like it!

I need a little time to look over the fine print before agreeing to the same for myself.

Anonymous said...

We are still going to Chipotle and Brunch though right?

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