Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Turkey, Some running and some TV

I spent a lot of time in my bed this past weekend. I should be ashamed to have wasted 4 days off of work that way but really, it was fantastic. My mom is on the injured list right now so she wasn't able to join us in the Naperville Turkey Trot 5K but I ran with some of my other family members and it was fun. I was an unhappy woman getting up so early on a day off but I am very excited to report I got my best time in a 5K yet and I ran most of it alone since my dad opted to help the kiddies run.

After the run we had breakfast and went back to my parents to start cooking and watching the parade. I am the only one left in the family who makes it a point to get up and watch the parade while I bake so I made sure we DVR'd it before we left for the run. It was quite fun to have them watch it with me this year! I made some of my delicious Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies(I will add the recipe to the recipes page tomorrow). 

Friday I did manage to leave the house for a bit during the day to do some shopping for myself. I braved Target knowing I needed shampoo badly! I also went with T to have some sushi and see Breaking Dawn for the 2nd time. I told you all I would end up seeing it more than once! We found this yummy and reasonably priced Sushi place by my apartment that had an amazing roll that was actually vegetarian! 
Saturday was spent in bed watching Friday Night Lights. I am new to the show and thanks to Netflix I can spend hours catching up! I love love it!! 

Sunday I went to my parents and we went downtown to Macy's to take a picture with Santa...I would share it but my mom hasn't posted it yet. We had dinner at the Walnut room, which is delicious and lives up to the hype! If you are ever in Chicago check it out! 

Cinnamon Toast-Hot apple cider, amaretto and cinnamon!! 
 My nephew you would not smile in any pictures and was giving us a hard time but we managed to get him laughing in at least one picture!! 

Or all it was a great weekend and I am so wishing I could do 4 days off all over again!! Can't wait until Christmas!!

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Tiffani said...

Sounds like your Thanksgiving holiday was pretty awesome =) Those cookies look delicious! I'll have to try that recipe when you put it up!

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