Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Humps

Yay it is finally Wednesday! I have slacked on my blogging this week but work has been crazy busy so I like to think I have an excuse. So here are some rambles for today...

-Christmas work party tonight at the Mexican restaurant across the street. I am excited to have some margaritas and talk about all kinds of nonsense. Maybe even get to do some Xmas Karaoke after with some coworkers. (side note-I look hot today!)

- I have 30 followers!!! How exciting is that!!! I definitely never thought I would get more than 5 and after the Holiday Blog Challenge I got about 10-15 new followers. Couldn't be anymore excited! Thank you to all of you and I hope you enjoy what you read :)

-I created my very own meetup in one of the meetup groups I am in and I am very excited!! Its a holiday cookie exchange and wine night! I didn't think it would get many girls but right now we have 15 girls RSVP'd! Soooo looking forward to meeting some new people and eating lots and lots of cookies!! I think I am going to make my Andes Mint cookies  hopefully they will be a hit!

-I am halfway through my Xmas shopping, nothing is wrapped yet either. Wrapping is my favorite part so I always leave that to a few days before. Put on some music and eat holiday cookies while I wrap :) I am excited for a DIY craft I found on Pinterest that I am making as a gift for some people. Can't post it since they read my blog!

-I am making 4-5 different types of cookies for work next week since I know the boys will be very excited about that!
                                  -Egg free brownies(cute Xmas tree shapes of course)
                                  - A gluten free version of my Andes Mint cookies
                                  - Truffles (Oreo, vanilla cake & chocolate chip cookie dough)
                                  - Peppermint Whoopie pies
                                  - Hershey candy cane drop cookies
Not the cookies im making...just an idea lol

Hmmm what else did I want to say???

-Plans in the works to go to Dallas with A next year so we can see Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert...ooh yea bitches!!!

Ok thats all for now...sorry for the shortness :)


Breanna said...

Isn't it exciting to have so many followers.
I never dreamed I'd have 61 followers, even though half the time my blog will tell me I have 18.

I hope you have a good time at your christmas party!

KG said...

When are you going down to Dallas? I need to go to Austin and Dallas myself. I was talking to B about it last night actually!

P!nky said...

Wine and cookies yes please!!!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend girlie!


Amy said...

Wine and cookies is a great idea. I can't wait for you to start baking. I admire you.

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