Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Humps

I should come up with a cute little button for this. There are so many link-ups for Wednesdays! I always mean to blog on Mondays, I actually keep telling myself at least M, W, F right? Well that never works out because Monday is a crazy day for me and I am not a happy camper on that day either.  Anyway here is my wrap up for Wednesday!

-Holiday work party for work was a good time. Margaritas are not my friend, I may have mentioned in a post not that long ago that Tequila and I have an ongoing battle that I lose...every. single. time. It was fun to hang out with my coworkers at the Mexican restaurant across the street from our office building. We also got our Xmas bonuses that night (which is not how it usually goes). I am not going to say anything that could get me in trouble and while I am aware I should be very grateful that I got a bonus period I would love to know why it was less than last year when I know that my workload this year was not. Oh well it happens right.
Margarita eyes

- Thursday night I met up with lets call him...Cboy for some yummy Indian food and drinks. It was a good time and I am definitely glad we got to hang out. I may have to tell you all his story another time. Maybe anyway it was a late night and I was pretty damn exhausted Friday morning.

-Friday my father was in town from Orlando to visit my sister, nephew and I and do some Xmas shopping and dinner. He doesn't get to Chicago that often so its always good to see him, I think we actually got to see him twice in Chicago this year! We hit up the Water Tower place where I preceded to spend lots of my Xmas money! yay for me finally buying some nice things! I got a new pair of boots which I forgot to take a photo of, but I think I will post a blog after Xmas with all my goodies!
Shopping fun w/my sis 
-It was a very late night for me on Friday and so I spent Saturday doing laundry and hanging out at home Netflixing(this isn't even a real word) all the Christmas movies I could find and eating junk all day.
-Sunday I skipped the usual family time and dragged myself out to finish my shopping...did I get it all done? Nope, because I gave up after 3 hours in the mall and went home to my bed.

-Last night I went to the Meetup that I organized Holiday Cookie Exchange and Wine was a great success. We had a girl volunteer her workplace for us to come and meet. It was a wellness center. About 10-15 girls showed up and it was a really good time. Only funny thing was that I think I should have clarified your supposed to make the cookies. Only 4 of us actually made the cookies, the rest were store bought. Overall it was a great time and I met some new girls and made plans to see them all again really soon! I am so glad that I decided to give that site a try and have met some fun people so far.


Here are some randoms...

It took me 20 damn minutes to untangle my hair yesterday morning! 
The homeless man I pass everyday told me he would love me forever 
I caught two different people in a lie in the same day(Monday) 
I am convinced I may be single, celibate and a cat lady for the rest of my life. (SN-I dont have a cat and I am not celibate...yet)

So excited I finally caught the Holiday train going home! 
Santa rides the middle car(HE MUST BE COLD) 

My wrapped gifts so far 

This is the kind of morning I had today...i needed it! 

I hope everyone is having a great week! I know that I am so very excited for Christmas to be 4 days away!! 


Mia Maree said...

you received a versatile blogger award!

KG said...

Your meetups always are a great success! I miss you tons!

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