Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Blog Challenge: Day 10

I'm so sad this Challenge is coming to an end but very excited about all the new blogs I came across and the new followers!!! Thanks everyone!! 
Today's Topic: New Years Memories/Pictures

I usually have a pretty great time for NYE. Sometimes I spend it with family, sometimes I join friends. It varies every year on how I feeling and how money is looking as far getting a ticket to a big club party. 
This is my first year w/out The Boy in 5 years...even though we rarely spent NYE together because of his work schedule. 
Thats right 2011!! A & I 

bringing it in with my mom! 

Yea I was a bit drunk...a bit 
Look at the difference in my hair from one NYE to the next! 
I love NYE and even when I am not with my family I am hiding out in the bathroom calling them to share my love :) 

Lets see your NYE memories/Pictures!! 


Breanna said...

cute pictures :)

fancyfunction said...

Looks like a lot of fun times!

Megan said...

Your NYE's look like so much fun. I love that you sneak away to call your family though, too sweet!

P!nky said...

NYE with friends is always so much fun. I always text and call my family too!

Happy weekend xoxo

KG said...

I always talk to my parents first at midnight. I used to go to my neighbor's and then right before midnight I would run home to watch the ball drop with them, and then go back next door. Then I call Tyler. I don't know why, but it's tradition.

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