Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Blog Challenge: Day Eight

Todays Topic: Christmas Wish List

I like to think I am pretty easy to shop for but some people mainly A may tell you differently! 
I don't want much this year but here are some things I have been daydreaming about! 

Ooh yes! It is about time I finally have one of these!
Source: via Pose on Pinterest

I don't have a brand picked out, since I don't really care but I want a pair of tan/brown boots like these! 

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Must have to make my life easier :) 

A gift card to JoAnns or Michaels so that I can finally get started on all those crafts Pinterest has driven me to try 

Source: via Tajira on Pinterest

A nice spa mani/pedi since I never spend the money to get them myself 

See...I think I am pretty easy! 
OOh but lets not forget I need one of these too:

no clue who he is but if Santa can send me a cowboy I'd be soooo very happy :) 


Breanna said...

haha I love the last one about santa sending you a cowboy!


Alyssa said...

Those boots are to die for!

Miranda said...

love the boots! i am obsessed with boots lately :)

krys said...

kitchenaid! sometimes they're on sale on hautelook/rue la la :)

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

Loving the cowboy! lol! Is that a cupcake maker or holder? whatever it is, it's super cute! :)

Kiley said...

Is that a cupcake maker!? ADORABLE!

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