Monday, December 5, 2011

A little bit of Green and some of that

I was worried that doing a recap of my weekend would get lost in all this Holiday Blog challenge blogging I am doing but I can't just do that! Anywho, last week was pretty uneventful as I was exhausted with no good reason. So lets read some of my rambles....

~Wednesday I went out for Texas de Brazil with A, she had a Groupon she needed to use before the 1st. That place is hella expensive(yes I said hella) but it was worth it because we ate our hearts out and then talked for damn near 3 hours! I am pretty sure we only left because we felt like the waiter was ready for us to get the hell out of his section. I was so happy to see her and talk about everything and nothing!

~I have been on a new birth control for the past few weeks and I am convinced that it hates me. The thing is that usually I can't take any because I get so sick that shit like the last time I fainted on a train happens to me. Well, luckily I am not having that problem with this one...just shit like having the first breakout I've had since I hit puberty. Occasionally I will get a zit here and there but I have been dealing with full on breakouts the last 3 weeks...someone please kill me. That is not the only problem but I will spare you the rest...haha

~Thursday I finally used my LivingSocial deal for the yoga studio 3 blocks from my place. I tried out their Hot vinyasa class and it was amazing. I loved being able to walk there and I felt fantastic afterwards. I have 9 more classes to use, I really do love the deals on LivingSocial :)

~Friday night I went up to E-town to meet G & A for some wings at our favorite spot Buff Joes(if you are in Chicago you know!) We hung out and talked for hours some you see a theme in my life? It was great, they are my besties and only they can tell me whats going on without me pitching a fit.There is a running joke that when your girl doesn't get any for awhile I tear things up...
Check out the cup

 ~Saturday morning was the Santa Hustle 5K, it was lots of fun except for the fact that I did not stretch at all and so my calves and then shins were killing me! My dad thankfully was so great and stayed with me. Around the 2nd mile I slid in the mud and hurt my ankle so that slowed us down even more. We still came in before the 45 minute mark but I paid for that later. My ankle is still feeling off. We were a big hit in the crowd since we were the only Grinch's but there were lots of fun costumes! I'll post more pictures when I get them from the site.
Green hands
Clearly we used different paint 

~Sunday I went to my parents as usual and we put  up the Christmas trees and decorations. It was a great time and I love putting on the Xmas music and just dancing around while we decorate. My nephew was sooooo very adorable this year trying to help. He kept overlapping the ornaments so we had to wait till he moved onto the next to move them but it was great to have him help!

Front room tree 

Helping w/the family room tree
It was a great week and weekend!! Hoping this week is just as good and I can't wait for Christmas! 

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