Friday, January 13, 2012

First First Date

As many of you know The Boy and I split about 3 months ago. For those new readers, The Boy and I dated for 5 1/2 years and had a (I like to think) amicable split back in October. He is a wonderful guy and even though every person has their grievances about their EX's I can't say he did anything bad to me or was a bad boyfriend. He simply wasn't marriage material for me. Now don't get me wrong I am not on a husband quest just yet but I did feel that at 26 EEK! I'm 26 if I am going to be in a long term committed relationship it should be with a person I can see a future with. So after much deliberation I broke the news that I was not in the same place that I am sure he was in our relationship and we split. He is still holding out hope that we will reconcile and I am still holding out hopes there is a way we can be friends. Apparently we are both delusional.

OOoh K so the point of this post is actually to tell you about my first FIRST date after being out of the game for what seems like ever. I definitely should preface this by telling you I was no where near ready to actually go on a date at this point and should have waited it out for sure. Anyway, most of my girlfriends have had some kind of luck on dating sites and since I was still to mopey to go to bars/clubs I created a profile on and tested it out. I think the whole Match thing might actually warrant a whole post of its own one day..but that is beside the point.

I was messaged by Rboy within a day of creating my profile and his pictures were cute. He had a cute collegey look to him and his profile seemed right. He was recently moved back to Chicago from NC where he went to school, graduated and got a job that was offering to transfer him back home. Kick ass right?! Well....

We exchanged numbers and set a date for a Thursday night. He told me he was going to be near the airport at a hotel for training all week and would have lots of downtime in the evening. On Wednesday he texts me and asks if we are still on for the following day to which I replied yes. Here the conversation that ensued:

Rboy: Great, what do you want to do?
Me: Ummmm
Rboy: You should come out to Rosemont and we can have drinks
Me: That is pretty far, maybe we can meet closer to me
Rboy: Ok so what will we do?
Me: I guess we can get a drink?
Rboy: Ok, There is a bar in my hotel, you can take the train here and we can have drinks there
Me: Its like 12 stops away, why don't you hop on a the L and we'll meet right in the middle, there is a fun little bar right off that stop
Rboy: Ok, what time?
Me: Well I guess I can do 7:30
Rboy: Can we do later, I am going to dinner with coworkers
Me: Ok. You tell me what time?

Stupid conversation. Stupid. For those of you that don't know me, I can't make a decision worth my life and at this point I had asked my coworkers for advice on where to go and if I should be making an effort to go all the way to Rosemont to which they ALL responded I shouldn't. Well, guess who ended up going to Rosemont? Me! That's right, there is that too nice part of me. He had no plan, called me last minute to say his coworkers had opted out and I should just get on the L and meet him up there. So I did.

When he picked me up he still had no plan, suggested we drive around till we spot a restaurant and get some food. So we did, dinner actually turned out to be kind of fun. First let me tell you, he was NOT as cute as his pictures portrayed(shocked?!) they were definitely at least 3-4 years old. No more young college boy face for him anymore and receding hairline. Also, he must have literally ordered 6 drinks during an hour dinner. It was kind of ridiculous. When the bill came I offered to split it and he declined saying "I have a per Diem with my company card so I'll just cover whatever after that" Ooh yes...he did. So classy.

Here is where it gets fun ladies....

Right after the pays the bill he goes to the restroom for about 10 minutes and returns looks me square in the face and says:

Rboy: So do you have to go straight home? Do you want to go back to my hotel room, we can get some beer and its a really nice room.
Me: ummmm no I don't have to go home but I'm not going to your room, I'm up for a bar if that works.

Really. Why didn't I just say I have to go home? I have no clue. We went to Bar Louie and had some drinks. They sat us in a huge booth and he decided he should sit RIGHT next to me and rest his hand on my thigh. He really did this. I was like WTF is happening right now. The waitress was really big up top and he actually waited till she walked away and said Wow she has really big tits. HAHA!! He did I promise!!

After I finally finished my much too strong martini he asked about his room again. I should mention he had 3 more drinks in the time it took me to finish one martini. So were up to 9 drinks now in about 2- 2 1/2 hour window. Yes really. I politely declined again and told him it was getting late. I know that I was definitely a little far but no he did not offer to drive me home knowing I had gone out of my way to come up for the date. He drove me 2 mins to the nearest L stop where he parked the car looked at me, grabbed my thigh, then my shoulder said "come here" and gave me the worst kiss I could imagine. Sloppy, tongue all over my face, disgusting kiss. I smiled, said thanks for dinner and got out.

I wish I had made this up people...seriously. It was like something that should be on an episode of Punk'd. Awful.

He even had the nerve to text me 10 minutes after dropping me off to say that he would only be in town until Sunday(Huh? Ooh yea I learned during dinner he doesn't actually live back in Chicago yet) and would like for me to come by his room Saturday night. No kidding.

I don't even know what I was supposed to learn from this other than what I would like to not have happen during a first date. I haven't been on a date with someone from an online site since. Although, I have finally decided I am ready to start actually getting out there and seeing what is going on....Anyway sorry this post is so damn long and now you know all about my first FIRST date. 


KG said...

I'm sorry I'm laughing hysterically, but welcome to the bad first date club!

Miss Chelsea said...

Hahahah you poor thing! Sorry I am laughing at your expense but good lord no wonder he is single

Jessica Renee said...

Holy crap I am sitting here totally grossed out FOR YOU. What an awful date, I'm SO sorry!! I actually used yahoo personals back in the day (like in '05) and I had a couple awful dates like that but when I was thinking about cancelling my account, I got a message from a super cute guy who is now my fiance..and baby daddy. ha! So don't give up hope, there are good guys out there!! And since my brother knows we met that way, he decided to try out a few months ago and is now dating a girl from there. Online dating can definitely work so try and give it another chance!

Miranda said...

wow...sounds like a winner... of course it leaves you with a good story but jeez...can a guy take a hint or what?!

karensmith said...

Great! This is one of the best blogs that I have read before. I'm happy for your first date.

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