Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fun

I have no clue what the theme of today's post will be except that I have some random nonsense to share with you! 
Can you believe it is finally Friday? I am so glad! 

-- I love this song...yes, thanks to K for humoring me and supporting my love :) 

--I have realized that thanks to Linkin Park(the band) every single time I need to spell Lincoln I end up spelling it Linkin. Thank you for ruining my spelling. Oh and why is it so hard for me to remember how to spell deodorant? <---- I definitely had to spell check that!

--I forgot to tell you all I got to see Cboy, I was so caught up in my drama I forgot to share my happiness about that! Warm and fussies for him just being so damn sweet. Seriously, why can't more men be that way?! 

--Speaking of Cboy we had some very interesting conversations in which it was revealed that he and I both hate china cabinets. I have no clue why I hate them so much but I really really do. They have no purpose. (well I know they do but not for me, EVER

-- Last night I finally had the discussion with Mrs. M about moving out of the state. I don't know exactly how she felt about it but she luvsss me so I know she will support me!  I also asked her about part #2 of said plan. My moving back home for the few months before I go. I would love the extra time to spend with them before I go and it always helps to save up some monies! 

--a. I am excited and terrified to see how it goes living with my parents again, it has been 9 years! 

--Project find a pretty yellow convertible VW Beetle has officially begun. Yes!! You know you can see me in one of these! 

-- Can I just tell you guys that I have some of the greatest friends out there? I mean who else lets you do the dumb messy things you do, doesn't judge you and still lets you cry when they warned you it was going to happen? 

--I know I talk about A all the time, and she doesn't have a blog because if she did you guys would know how awesome she is. But anyway I have asked her if she would like to guest post one day. She is my go-to fitness guru and I think she could share some amazing things with you guys! So you can look forward to that. 

OOoh and I need some help!! 
--I need help figuring out how to make those damn tabs to follow me on Pinterest & Twitter 
--I also need to figure out how to add the buttons of the people I follow onto my page! 

That's all for now folks!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


KG said...

Love ya! And I always mess up "deodorant" as well. It's because we don't pronounce it "de-o-door-ant" we pronounce is "de-o-der-int"

Cherie said...

I also can't spell deodorant and I'm a good speller. Oh well! :)

That'll be an interesting transition to see how living at home will be. Depending on what happens with my getting an internship this summer, I might be in the same boat (but for me it's only been 2 years.. I can only imagine if it were 9!).

As far as the Twitter/Pinterest buttons and the blog buttons, I'd be more than happy to help you if you still need that done. It's a little too complicated to explain in a comment, but if you want to email me, I'd be more than happy to write you up some instructions. :) Just let me know!

Miranda said...

love bugs! i have always wanted a yellow one too! good luck finding one ;) and have a great weekend!

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