Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm back!!

Yes well I know you were all so sad about my being really thanks so much for all the get well messages! I appreciate them all :) 

I had 5 days to lay around and be miserable this past week. Somehow I caught the flu(maybe stomach flu) and an ear infection and once I kicked the flu part I got a regular old head cold. So I am back to work today and feeling much better. I will take a cold to what I dealt with the first 3 days anytime! 

Let me catch you guys up on whats been going on in my world...

-Wednesday was the day I got really sick and stayed home I spent the whole day in bed and didn't really try to do much. 

-Thursday I discovered my laptop hates me and has given up on life. I can only seem to get a black screen. I am pretty sure she/he discovered that I had been looking at new laptops on the Best Buy site and decided to teach me a lesson. I am bringing it in to have the IT let me know if its salvageable(is that a word?) I need it to be fixed so I can watch Jersey Shore & Greys!! 

-Friday I did not leave my apartment, and was miserably trying to read blogs on my nook. Not convenient at all...ooh wait I did leave to go to the gas station(less than a block away) and in my dire need for something sweet bought a pack of oreos. Instead of eating one I inhaled about 6 and promptly fed them to the toilet. Gross I know sorry! that will teach you if you are sick and haven't eaten anything but broth for 3 days oreos are not the first solid food to try. 

-Saturday I managed to leave my house to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. If you have read the series of books then you should most definitely see the movie. I thought it was fantastic! Its graphic and disgusting where its supposed to be and definitely did a pretty good job of summing up the book. I am a big fan of watching movies first because then I am not as tainted but I am looking forward to the next 2 movies. I did purposely not watch the Swedish versions because I was afraid it would ruin the American versions for me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't make me wait another year for each like the Twilight series did to me. 
Even with that awful hair Rooney Mara is gorgeous. I discovered I have a bit of a girl crush on her...who knew that this character would bring it out?! If you have seen the movie or read the books do share your opinion, I don't want to give away too much here but I'd love to discuss it!! 

-Sunday  didn't get to visit my family this weekend, Mrs.M suggested I stay home and not get anyone sick. Sad!! I haven't seen them in 2 weeks now and I need my nephews smiling face and a big hug from my momma!! 

-I watched more TV than is normal and I honestly have no clue what I would do without Netflix. It is my life saver!! I have been catching up on HIMYM, SVU, and I finished Being Human. So excited!! 

I did get time to write some things I want to share with you guys that have gone on the last few months that I wasn't ready to share publicly. But as one of my new goals/resolutions was to start sharing more with you guys and stop being so worried that certain people The Boy might read this and cause me unnecessary stress. So expect some random posts about my first first date in over 5 1/2 years! The whole back story to CBoy who might be making an appearance again soon. Ooh and I have to introduce The Pirate and explain that ridiculous nickname! 

That's all for now...I should get started on those stories!! 


Tiffani said...

I loved The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo! Eli and I went to see it the first time, and the projector broke an hour into the movie : ( we had to go back a week later to finish it. It was pretty close to the book, I thought, although the Harriet/Anita/Cecilia Vanger characters were in different roles in the movie than in the book which made me sad! And I'm glad you're feeling better : )

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

So glad you are feeling better girl! I hope you can save your computer!

Christine said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Faith said...

Congratulations on feeling better--being sick is teh worst. I should really read the Dragon Tattoo books, everyone goes on abotu them and that movie looks awesome. Somehow it just hasn't happened.

The Pirate. That sounds interesting!

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