Thursday, January 12, 2012

Its Ok!

Its Ok Thursdays

Its about that time again, I feel like I haven't linked up in awhile. So happy tomorrow is Friday!! 

Its Ok! 

-That I have like 4 posts drafted that I am working on 
-To be so stressed from work that I am stressing about numbers in my dreams
-That I am dying to go on a shopping spree with the money in my savings that I shouldn't touch 
-To be making tons of plans for the move I know I will make 
-To have no idea when exactly this move is taking place
-That I was excited to have lost 5 pounds last week(who cares if it was because of the flu) 
-To still be sore from Monday's workout
-To have spent almost 4 hours on Tuesday night talking to A about everything going on in our lives
-To be very unhappy with the snow falling right now
-That I am excited I may or may not get to see Cboy this weekend 
-To also be petrified because I am going on another first date this weekend! 

That's all for now! What is Ok for you this week? Link up w/Neely & Amber here.  


lsaz said...

I have a bunch of draft posts too. Making plans is motivation even if you don't know when the plans will really take place. :)

ms.composure said...

hope your work week goes by better!
def sounds like you have alot to get done! dont stress to much. they will happen at the right time :-)

P!nky said...

Glad you are feeling better chica!

Good luck on your first date :)! xoxo

Bunnie said...

I want a shopping spreee right now too!!!

your newest follower :)

Marisa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I also can relate to all of these. I have posts saved in draft too. I lost almost 15 lbs have no clue how. I have been wanting to go shopping forever but my will power is horrible. Ha.

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