Thursday, January 19, 2012

Its Ok!

Its Ok Thursdays

Woooo! Its almost Friday! Its that time again for 
Its Ok Thursday! 

Its Ok....

-That I am disappointed that Cboy isn't here yet and I was really hoping to see him 
-That I had to buy a brand new laptop on Tuesday because my online classes started and my laptop gave up on its life last week
-That even though class has barely started I am already so frazzled 
-To have given up an evening doing homework and relaxing to sit in a car and listen to my cousins problems for 3 hours last night
-That I am going to the movies with my EX this weekend...I know I know I shouldn't do it 
-To want to sit on my couch tonight w/some ice cream, and a boatload of lactaid pills and catch up on all my shows
-To wish I could fly to NY and give K the biggest hug ever and help her feel better 
-That it is a serious #firstworldproblem that I almost cried when my savings plummeted after I bought that laptop. 
-To have gotten so many ideas from Pinterest and have not started any! 

Ook that is all for today! 
Link up w/Neely & Amber over at A Complete Waste of Makeup


Breanna said...

I know I just started school, and i'm already going crazy! Good luck with your semester!

Alyssa said...

I think I actually did cry after I paid for my first semester at college. And I'll probably cry a hundred more times about college tuition in the next few years haha!

Meg {henninglove} said...

good luck with your semester!!

Heather said...

Ice cream and shows sounds like a winner to me!


Bethany said...

Hope your new computer is fabulous... even if it did make your savings dip! And ice cream and tv sounds amazing to end the week :) Just started following you!

KG said...

I wish you could've/could fly here for that hug too!

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