Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My life in Photos

I keep seeing all these fun photo collages and phone dumps and, of course, I must try! 
I finally realized they were doing these damn things on Picnik and I had better take advantage before its gone. Why are they closing it anyway, I didn't have the patience to read through the long explanation. 
Anyway, I realized I haven't been taking a lot of photos lately so I try and get some new ones to share

1. My lovely nephew has discovered the front facing camera on my phone
2. I saw these at Target and sent the picture to Cboy...he thought it was cute(I realize how cheesy that sounds) 
3. It was freezing at my desk last week, the vent above my desk was shooting out frigid air 
4. I love soccer and two of my fave Spanish teams were playing Barcelona v Real Madrid 
5. Ummm I can't find this anywhere in the city...go out to the burbs and a whole freezer full!! 
6. Walking to work behind these two made my morning...she refused to be picked up so it took them forever to get 2 blocks
7. One of my favorite nail polishes (Rimmel-Steel Grey) 
8. Knockout Punch at Buffalo Wild Wings while watching the UFC fights 
9. I had a buzz and was having a pretty good hair day
10. Riding the metra to my parents Sunday morning...sometimes the city has a ugly beautiful look to it
11. My nephew and I went on a field trip to get some sweets and he needed to ride the horsey
12. Ummm football shaped Oreos? yes please...I promise I didn't eat the whole bag alone

So yea  that is my week in photos...I am going to try hard to join one of the link-ups for these things. 



Bethany said...

Your nephew is adorable! And loving that nail polish color... super pretty :)

Courtney Johnson said...

Loving all these pictures!!!

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