Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thats Not Ok!

WARNING! If you find yourself easily offended or tend to judge people on some of their stupid decisions I suggest you don't read this post. 

So I follow this person on Twitter @ThatsnotokNY  and sometimes they really make me laugh. Since I had one of those weekends where I was dealing with nothing but ridiculous I thought I would share some things that are not OK. 

Things that are NOT OK: 
1. Blaming the "other" girl for your ruined relationship and cheating boyfriend.
        -Lets be honest, if he was happy he wouldn't cheat, no one is forcing him to do it. 
2. Texting, calling or Facebook messaging said "other" girl every time you get drunk and down on your life. 
     -Seriously. We aren't 16, grow up, man up and find a better way to solve this problem.  
3. Being classless and having your brother stalk said "other" girl at work, calling her phone and creeping by her desk. 
    -Really. I mean this is kind of ridiculous. When he gets fired don't be mad at anyone but yourself. 
4. Cheating on your girlfriend and telling the "other" girl how wonderful she is and how much you can't stand your girlfriend while pretending things are good at home. 
  -It happens but really lets not and say we did
5. Cheating on your significant other and then not understanding when they do the same thing to you. Clearly your relationship is fucked 3 ways from Sunday buddy. 
  -I don't even really need to comment on that. 
6. Asking the "other" girl to be the bigger person and ignore those calls, texts and Facebook messages after you put her through some really bad shit to begin with. 
7. Lying so much to so many people that a person can't even tell when you serious and when you are bullshitting them. 

I could probably go on forever but I will give you guys a little explanation.

I told you guys all about The Boy  and our failed relationship, I told you about my two dates since that relationship ended but I didn't tell you guys about this person that I may or may not have a "friendship" with who has a girlfriend. Now I know everything I said up there is not ok but its also NOT OK for me to have gotten involved with a guy with a girlfriend. But I did and so here I am some time later dealing with the effects of it. 

It was supposed to be fun, I honestly don't even know how it started since we were definitely just friends and it wasn't going that way. It did and she found out and she has since been acting like the ridiculous child. I have been cheated on before. I know what it feels like and I also know that that some people are just assholes who cheat and some people cheat because their relationship is shitty and they aren't getting what they need at home. Whichever of the two it was that led him to the situation with me is insignificant to me. What matters to me is that she decided I am to blame. That makes no sense. If you are unhappy with him for cheating there is a solution. Leave. If you want to make it work then you both have to actually want to make it work. Clearly that is not the case since he never stopped seeing me. If you keep catching him and things are not changing then you are just being ridiculous. In all honesty had she approached me with some civility and simply asked me what was going on from the beginning I might have told her everything and let him deal with it. But since her first contact with me was a Facebook message talking shit well...I just decided she didn't deserve a response or any respect either. 

So now its sometime later and she has committed all of the infractions stated above and has taken to stalking my blog as a means of checking up on her boyfriend. So because she has done that and managed to ruin my weekend I decided it was time to share with everyone. 

So that is what I did, I borrowed another girls boyfriend and well look how it bit me in the ass. Who knows what will happen now but I am not going to be nice about it anymore. If either her or her brother bother me again it's going to get nasty. 


Kristina said...

Don't get down on yourself. Don't let it ruin your weekend or anymore time in your life. We all make decisions that we may not be proud of. It doesn't make us bad people. It doesn't define who you are. In my 20s I was dating some one who cheated on me and got into a relationship with the girl. Months later when they were still dating I cheated with him. I wanted to ruin their relationshop like they ruined mine. I wanted both of them to break up and hurt like I did. It happened just like that. It didn't make me feel any better. I still didnt want him in my life. But we life and we learn. None of us are perfect.

KG said...

LOL I'd just like to say hello to the girl because I know she's reading/has read this. Stupid.

Neither of them deserve respect. We all make decisions, it's how we handle the consequences that make us adults or children.

Courtney Johnson said...

Your right it's not OK... But it's also not OK for you to get down on yourself.. We have all made mistakes... Trust me... I could go on and on with bad decisions that I have made in the past.
This one thing won't define you... You will learn from this and move on... This person stalking you clearly has nothing better to do with her life, she is focused on the wrong things when she should be working on her relationship. Just saying....

Keep your head up sweets!!!


Breanna said...

You tell them girl! I'm sorry that you are going through this, although bad decisions were made.. it's time to move on and keep the past in the past :)

It's ridiculous for them to be stalking you, such immature children!

Stay strong and don't let them get to you!
Have fun this weekend and remember your blogger family has your back :)

Breanna xx

Anonymous said...

Your just lucky that 3rd girl he was messing with didnt come after you!

Anonymous said...

Idk girl I love ya and all but that was not cool... Evn if she approached u in a nasty way u shoulda heard her out an helped her out. You would have been furious too, she needs to work on her relationship... But u didn't help her you made it harder... You owed her that much girlfriend. She mightta ruined ur weekend... But you contributed to the destruction of her relationship. Humble urself!!!

God bless

Anonymous said...

^ Anonymous...yeah...right. Love the "IDK girl I love ya and all". Lmfao...well I'm only anonymous because I don't have an account here but Moni will know who this is. Stop stalking her blog. If it wasn't her...it would have been someone else. She didn't make anything harder, you don't know her or her intentions. The truth is...you are crazy and attempting to convince her in indirect ways that she is somehow at fault for your boyfriend doing you wrong is just plain ridiculous. Take it as a lesson learned...don't blame the other woman, blame your MAN sweetheart. Your MAN is the one who CHOSE to do what he did...she doesn't KNOW you. HE does...and HE still did what he did. SMH...children.

Anonymous said...

She should have been furious with him not you. You never even mentioned that you knew he had a girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

She should have helped the girlfriend out woman to woman instead of causing her to self destruct!

Anonymous said...

Ur both acting like children. Grow up move on get over it. Shit happens. Everyone in this situation is to blame. Cheating isn't ok. Sounds like monica knew he was cheating on his girlfriend and she didn't care. No one in this situation has done anything right. No one is the better person here. And for you to point a finger and say shame on you is ridiculous. Were you and "the boy" still together when this fling started? Does he know everything that happened? You're trying to portray yourself as self righteous but you're really not. Weren't you urself cheating on the boy? So really you aren't any different. And according to your blog that might make you an asshole for cheating. There are always 2 sides to ever story and we are only hearing yours.  True her guy cheated on her but I think anyone in her situation would get pissed.  I don't agree with what you say she has done it sounds like a bit much. But for you to purposely air your dirty laundry like this knowing that she is able to see this seems just as foolish as the girlfriends actions. Which one of you is the adult? Why be catty and create more drama? Its unattractive to anyone and just comes across as being mean and vindictive.

christina said...

Well yes u shouldn't have messed with a boy with a girlfriend but the gf shouldn't have approached u in the way she did and do all the childish things she did. And for her brother he is acting like a little girl lol. Love u Monica

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