Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A day late & whatever it is they say

I know that's a long title but I've got nothing. Anywhoodle, I had a fantastic weekend a very busy Monday. I am leaving for Florida early Thursday morning so I have a lot of work to get done and I decided to make Monday night the night for doing all my homework for the week. Someone should have kicked me for deciding to do that!

Friday night was fantastic! I haven't been out out with all my friends in months so it felt great to get all dolled up and dance the night away. Snoops was looking great and dancing her butt off...we won't mention that she fell She was entitled to her birthday shenanigans. I will admit I drank a lot more than I meant to and A through a tequila shot in there(HOW DARE SHE) my inability to say no thank you led to a very real brain pain on Saturday morning.
OOh the date...
I spent most of Saturday in bed in and out of sleep. I wish I had taken a photo of the ridiculousness hot mess that I left the house in just to get food. I should have been ashamed of myself but I couldn't have cared less. Mr. Hops and I went out on another date Saturday night, luckily for him I slept off the hangover and actually managed to get out of bed. I have mentioned to him that I blog but not told him how to find it so I am going to hope and keep my fingers crossed he won't read this but let me tell you something I am not a fan of. If you ask me out to dinner then I am not going to eat before our date. I am not a shy salad eating date kind of girl I will wait so that I can get some food. BUT if you then do not take me to dinner instead to a bar and claim to not be hungry I am not going to insist that we eat. Unfortunately, he has done this twice now. I don't really understand the point of it and this time around it annoyed me. I like to think I am not too picky so am I wrong here? Should he not have taken me to get some food? I hate drinking on an empty stomach but I did and after a few hours we ended up sharing an appetizer which didn't do much for me. So it was an interesting night. I may write up a whole post on what made this night so interesting but I suggest you all watch "The Naked Man" episode of HIMYM and you might have an idea of how funny my night went. Thank goodness I am not looking for anything serious because he would be put in the "not bf material" pile after that night.

 I know you guys are really just waiting to see some pictures so here ya go....
had to show off my sexy dress! 

The Birthday Girl Snoops! 

A & Redhead..my girlies 

The bestie & his hockey buddy

Shes a dancer! 
The devil in shot form 
hmm she needs a nickname...i'll get back to that! 

It was a fantastic night!! Sunday was spent lounging around my parents watching movies and I loved it! Can't wait for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

How was your weekend? 


Jamie said...

Love the dress!

Asha said...

I completely agree with you that if you are going on a DINNER date there had better be some real food, not just an appetizer! And the dress is very cute :)

I'm your newest follower and hope you'll share the love by following back at ashareyes.blogspot.com

Miranda said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Love your dress! You look great!

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