Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Rambles & Link-ups

I am so so happy that it is finally Friday again! By this time next week I will be in Florida and I am really really hoping the weather is pleasant! Stepmomma says the cold weather visitors have been bringing the chill down there with them so cross your fingers for me! I have a few things I wanted to share so bare or is it bear hmmm just do it!

1.  This weekend....
Tonight I am partying with an old HS friend Snoops(she knows why I chose this nickname) for her birthday! Can't wait, quite a few of our mutual friends are coming out so I am excited for that. Going to get dolled up and dance my night away. Tomorrow night I have date #4(maybe 3 depending) w/Mr. Hops. Not sure what the plan was but he mentioned something about dinner. Should be fun and, of course, I will give you guys an update on that Monday! 
The bday girl! 

2. My nails....
The Nail Files

I see this link up every Friday and I never do it! So here we are!! I got this polish in my Valentines Day swap gift! 

Apricot Fizz

It felt very springy to have such a light color on, I love it and will definitely wear it again soon! 
By the way does anyone have any advice on how to get my nails to stop peeling? I don't have a clue why it happens but its ugly and you can see it even when they are polished! 

3. A book....

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey
Ladies if you have not read this book, please do! Whether your in a relationship, looking for one, or just checking out the dating world it can't hurt to have a bit of an insight into the minds of men. I read it and I felt like someone had slapped me in the back of the head! Seriously. I wouldn't say it is life changing but it definitely helps me to think twice about the decisions I make regarding men and helped me figure out what I do and don't want, what I am willing to deal with and what I am willing to allow a man to do. 

4. A recipe....
You guys have heard me say before that I stress bake...well it happened again Monday. Luckily for my coworkers it was just in time for Valentine's Day! I found this recipe on Pinterest! They were a big hit, everyone who tried them loved it! 
Iphone pictures can't do justice! 

5. A movie...
I went to see it Wednesday after dinner w/A & T and it was great! I've heard good and bad reviews but I am a fan of Channing Tatum and even bigger fan of Rachel McAdams! It was a great romantic story and since I don't want to give away the ending I will just say you should see it. 

6. Dinner w/the girls....
OOh and while were on that topic we went to dinner at Uncle Julio's and I know they have these in other states since I once ate at the one in Atlanta! So if there is one near you try it and have a Swirl! They are amazeballs! 
Sangria & Margarita in a glass = heaven 

OOk I think that is all for my Friday rambles!! 
 Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? 
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Heather said...

I was the previews for Act Like a Lady... the other day and it looked hilarious! I didn't realize it really was a book.

Victoria said...

i just that movie preview for that book. how funny.

i loved the vow! great acting and a heartfelt true story!

girls' night out are the best!

happy weekend!

Jewely Bug said...

Oh what a pretty color. I don't believe I have anything that color. Hm, may need to remedy that! ;)

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Super cute color!

Monica said...

I love your blog!! We have so much in common we could actually be the same person! lol we do have the same name!! The funny thing is I am a little bit older (ok way older lol) but still as wild and crazy as can be! I'm following your blog and look forward reading your posts!! Have fun on your date!Be safe!!!!

tara said...

try using a top coat to make your nail polish last longer! i suggest seche vite!

Laura said...

Pretty color Monica! Have a great weekend! Have you tried Nailtiques? they have different formulas for different problems. You have to layer it and do it every day but it dries quickly.

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